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Speaking of home decoration, most consumers now like ceiling decoration very much, which is very novel. Ceiling decoration can instantly upgrade our home space. Now Xiaobian mainly introduces the construction technology of plastic gusset ceiling, hoping to bring you some inspiration for home ceiling decoration! What are you waiting for? Here is the wonderful content. Hurry up and have a look with Xiaobian

construction technology of plastic gusset ceiling

1 To install the plastic gusset ceiling, the first step is to determine the installation position of the ceiling, that is, the ceiling height. Usually, the ceiling should not be too low, and too low height will make the space appear depressed. After determining the installation height, mark the elevation on the surrounding wall with ink line, and the datum line shall be clearly marked

2. Determine the size of plastic gusset plate according to the ceiling design and ceiling area

3. Determine the keel position line. Since the keel is mainly used to support the shape and fixed structure of the external decorative materials, in order to ensure the integrity of the installation, the structural size and position line of the keel are determined according to the panel specification, and the determined position line is marked on the upper edge of the basic line under the condition that the size of the plastic gusset plate has been determined

4. Installation of main keel. The distance between the lifting points of the main keel shall be selected according to the series recommended by the design. The middle part shall be arched, and the arched height of the keel shall not be less than 1/200 of the room surface span. Correct the position and height of the main keel in time after installation. Pull out the vertical and horizontal elevation control line, start from one end, and adjust the suspension height of the suspender while installing, so as to control the flatness of the keel frame. After the large surface is leveled, adjust some single keels with curved edges until the flatness meets the requirements

5. Install the boom. The suspender installation should meet several requirements: first, the suspender should be straight and have sufficient bearing capacity; Secondly, the suspender should be treated with rust prevention in advance; The distance between the suspender and the end of the main keel shall not exceed 300mm, otherwise the suspender shall be added. If the suspender needs to be added, it is best to lap and weld firmly to avoid the main keel falling

6. Side keel installation. The side keel should be installed close to the main keel. After installing the main and side keels, check the flatness and firmness of the keels

7. Plastic gusset plate installation. Buckle the plastic gusset plate on the keel in parallel by strips at one time, and connect it with special connectors. It should be noted that when installing the last plate, cut it with a cutting knife according to the final actual size, bend the panel slightly and install it, and finally seal it with strips on both sides

precautions for gusset plate installation

1 Uneven ceiling: the suspender is not leveled carefully during the installation of the main keel, resulting in the inconsistent elevation of each suspender point; During construction, it is necessary to operate carefully, check the tightness of each lifting point, and draw a line to check whether the elevation and flatness meet the design requirements and specifications

2 the local node structure of the light steel skeleton is unreasonable: at the reserved holes, lamp openings, vents, etc. of the light steel skeleton of the ceiling, keels and connectors should be set according to the corresponding node structure on the drawing to make the structure meet the requirements on the drawing and ensure the stiffness of the hanging

3 light steel framework is not firmly hoisted: the light steel framework of the ceiling should be hoisted on the main structure, and the suspender nuts should be tightened to control and fix the design elevation; Pipelines and equipment parts in the ceiling shall not be hung on the light steel framework

4 the gap seam of the cover panel is not straight: the specification of the cover panel has deviation and the installation is incorrect; During construction, pay attention to the specification of the plate, align the stay wire, and ensure that it is flat and straight during installation and fixation

5 the seam pressing strip and the edge pressing strip are not tight and straight: the specifications of the processed strips are inconsistent; When in use, it should be selected, fixed and pressed after the operation cable is aligned

6 pay attention to the color difference of the block aluminum alloy ceiling to prevent the quality defects of uneven color

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the construction technology of plastic gusset ceiling. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more information about ceiling construction, please continue to pay attention, and more wonderful content will be presented in the follow-up





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