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Ceramic tiles are to space what clothing is to the human body. Excellent ceramic tile interpretation will give space a new and unique temperament

ceramic tiles are to space what clothing is to the human body. Excellent ceramic tile interpretation will give space a new and unique temperament

I. new mixism

beauty index ★★★★★★

easy care index ★★★

cost performance index ★★★ ☆ trend: the world's popular mixed& Match materials are combined and displayed in the ingenious combination of the size and surface effect of contemporary ceramic tiles

in terms of size, the size, length and width of ceramic tiles, like clothing, have their epochal and popular characteristics. More than 30 years ago, small-size ceramic tiles 100x100 mm, 150x150 mm, 200x200 mm... Became the mainstream. In recent years, the large-scale size is caused by the breakthrough and improvement of production technology. 300x300 mm, 500x500 mm, 600x600 mm, 800X800 mm ceramic tiles have gradually appeared, and even China's unique 1000X1000 mm, 900x1800 mm, 1200x1800 mm super large vitrified tiles have appeared. However, the whole future market will no longer be dominated by extremely large, extremely small or single size. The world ceramic tile forum, dominated by Italy and Spain, emphasizes the concept of new mixed space, and introduces ceramic tiles of different sizes and effects according to the decoration needs of the actual space

star products: mixing and matching floor tiles with multiple colors is the latest paving trend of Spanish tiles. Floor tiles with different glaze colors are randomly combined for paving, and their visual effects are very different, which makes people daydream. This is a challenge to the aesthetic concept of "symmetry and unity" of traditional ceramic tiles

application space: the mixing and matching of tiles can be the mixing and matching of specifications, colors, materials, etc. The mix and match of specifications is often used in kitchens and bathrooms, bringing a sense of hierarchy to small spaces

II. New imitation stone doctrine

beauty index ★★★★★★

easy care index ★★★

cost performance index ★★★★

trend: since ancient times, stone has always been the favorite of imperial homes and royal palaces, but due to its scarcity and instability of mineral sources, high-quality high-end stone is also hard to find. Since the 1980s, Italians first invented single firing at high temperature, which uses the computer control of the latest technology to control crushed stone and high-quality feldspar to make vitrified stone comparable to the color and hardness of stone. With the development of high technology, glass fossils have evolved from the first generation of pitted bricks to large particles, multi tube free distribution technology, micro powder twice distribution technology, new multi tube and new micro powder technology. The evolution of glassy fossils has continuously improved the shortcomings of natural stones such as granite and marble, such as hardness and water absorption. In terms of texture, with the rapid development of computer cloth technology, many high-quality stones, such as Carrara, Venato, Saturn... Have realized the reproduction of the original texture, which can make every tile texture extremely natural

star products: the glass fossils using the new micro powder technology have changed the shortcomings of only straight lines under the micro powder technology in the past, made the "natural stone" effect of the glass fossils to a higher level, and also created many colors that natural stones cannot show

application space: vitrified stone can be used in most of the spaces in the home, and the vitrified stone with anti-skid treatment can also be used in the bathroom and kitchen

III. new environmentalism

beauty index ★★★★★

easy care index ★★

cost performance index ★★ ☆

trend: green environmental protection is the mainstream value of the 21st century. In addition to pursuing fashion, mankind also requires the protection of earth resources. For the development of environmental friendly tiles, Japan and Germany are the first. Antibacterial and self-cleaning environmental friendly green tiles can reduce the chance of infection in life and bring more contributions to the high-quality social environment

star products: adding antibacterial agents such as "silver system", "titanium dioxide photocatalysis system" and "rare earth composite system" to the ceramic glaze can significantly inhibit bacteria. The self-cleaning ceramic tile of photocatalyst technology is to apply nano photocatalyst titanium oxide to the surface of ceramic tiles, realizing the functions of self-cleaning and air purification of ceramic tiles

application space: the price of this kind of products is usually 300-800 yuan/square meter. If considering the cost, it is recommended to use it in special spaces, such as the elderly room, children's room, toilet easy to breed bacteria, etc

IV. Neo retro

aesthetic index ★★★★★

easy care index ★★★ ★

cost performance index ★★★ ★

trend: one year, Italy defined the theme of ceramic tiles as "the dialogue between architecture and humanities". It can be seen that imitation and restoration of antiquity have always been human thinking about the past civilization, history and humanities. The biggest problem of the ceramic tile industry is how to push through the old and bring forth the new with modern methods. Compared with ordinary glazed tiles, antique tiles are mainly reflected in the color of the glaze. The requirements for technical content of antique tiles are relatively high. The carefully developed antique tiles have the characteristics of waterproof, anti-skid, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning of the brick surface

star products: neutral all-round antique tiles, with the texture and texture of antique tiles, with various colors and specifications, are commonly used in most indoor spaces

application space: antique bricks are no longer confined to the traditional floor layout, but began to be moved to the wall for kitchen, bathroom and even decorative background wall and porch. Most antique bricks are neutral and soft in style, which is more suitable for decorating spaces close to nature, such as balconies, teahouses, etc

v. new cubism

aesthetic index ★★★★★

easy care index ★★

cost performance index ★★★

trend: the decorative effect of ceramic tile surface has become a trend in the three-dimensional direction, which is divided into glazed tiles and unglazed tiles. Unglazed vitrified tiles have moved towards diversified three-dimensional surface effects, including the combination of plane and three-dimensional effects such as polishing, sub polishing, matte, burning surface, chiseling surface, etc., which adds rich expression to the room

as far as glazed tiles are concerned, it is undeniable that the trimming, seamless and bright interior wall tiles with a large size of more than 300x600mm initiated by Spain are still the mainstream. However, after the world moves towards a minimalist design style, the trimming tiles also move towards a surface effect dominated by sub polishing, with three-dimensional water wave surface, natural wave surface, silk surface and other effects, supplemented by a variegated intermediate color system, forming a new mainstream aesthetics of residential space

star products: the wave light brick has a special three-dimensional surface decoration effect. Its brick surface has both the shiny luster of polished bricks and the rich colors of matte bricks. It adopts the wave light process to make the brick surface suffused with three-dimensional wave light

application space: widely used in most indoor spaces, but pay attention to the surface effect of three-dimensional texture and the coordination of the overall space

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