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The modern simple decoration case of two bedrooms and one living room with an area of 90 square meters, without too much gorgeous decoration and exaggerated decoration style, what effect will such a room decoration have? The modern simple decoration style is a very good choice for the modern urban people. It is economical and affordable. Needless to say, the most important thing is that the modern simple style can make people feel relaxed and comfortable. This case not only simplifies the decoration design, but also focuses on the decoration matching of soft decoration. All decoration for the purpose of saving money is the real home decoration

decoration owner's files:

Community: Aerospace Rainbow Town (more decoration renderings of aerospace Rainbow Town) house type: two rooms and one living room decoration style: modern simple decoration method: half package contract amount: 50000-100000 decoration company: Jinfuyuan decoration

Design Description: the house is a second-hand new house in 2006, and the landlord's tea table, sofa, TV cabinet, tables and chairs are 90% new. For the sake of environmental protection and economy, we all kept them. The so-called decoration, in fact, are very simple to live. It is not easy to buy a house, so there is no need to make it too gorgeous. I changed the color of the living room, paved the wallpaper floor, changed all the lamps and curtains, and added many soft clothes I like. Compared with other decoration, we are very ordinary and low-key. But I hope you like it. When you first decorate it, you can learn from many people. Thank you for that

this is the original appearance of the house. The furniture bought by the landlord is pretty good, so I don't think it's necessary to throw it away. The wall clock, hyacinth silk flower, iron paper-cut fruit plate and cushion cover are all bought on Taobao. The picture frame is IKEA. The pictures inside are also made by TB to be printed by itself. They are made into film core

the wall color is milky under the light, and there is a little tea green in the coffee under the sun. I read the posts of several sisters and liked this style so much that I also used this color. But at the beginning, I was under great pressure. When I finished painting, my mother said "caveman at the top of the mountain", which made me very depressed. However, after all the furniture went in, the color of the wall gradually faded when it was dry. My husband said that my choice was right

change the wall cabinet into a white shutter door. The cabinet is very deep, and the mats and blankets are all stuffed here

the background wall didn't want to be too complicated, so I chose a slightly idyllic wallpaper, with a beige base and a milky wall in the same color system. Made a shelf of white paint

the original appearance of the dining room, the dining room and the living room are connected from north to south. At the beginning, I was attracted to the good light transmission and the room type

hehe, simulated camellia is still online shopping. I love Taobao... We both like simple and direct people. The spotlight ceiling is beautiful, but with the passage of time, some of the ash in it is estimated to be affected, so the so-called decoration is also considered from the most practical point of view. Bought a small magnetic blackboard and hung it on the shoe cabinet. I just like the front of these endless beds. I ordered a desk. I also want to have two bedrooms, one as a bedroom and the other as a study. But I think that with children in the future, that room can't be used for computers at all, so it's still a master bedroom and a guest bedroom

on the balcony, a bus curtain is made, which is very practical and recommended, and the shading effect is very good

customized wall stickers with the name of "aja and iris"

[introduction to tiancaihong town community of aerospace]

tiancaihong town of Aerospace: China's Sanjiang Aerospace real estate started in a magnificent way, and the 1100 Mu vast community - Aerospace garden returned with honors. Caihong Town, the second phase of aerospace, made its debut as a "vibrant community with 10000 households at the initial station of the light rail", representing vitality and enthusiasm, inclusiveness and broadness, creating another large residential area after Nanhu garden, evergreen garden and Baibuting garden. The terminal station of light rail line 1 phase 2 is just outside my home! Walk along the light rail line along Wujiashan, which is a comprehensive area radiating traditional transportation, economy and living facilities. The convenience facilities are gathered all over the line, and the bus goes directly to the community. In the community of Caihong town of aerospace, there are more than 3000 square meters of super large clubs, nearly 1000 square meters of open-air swimming pools, commercial streets, basketball courts, large green squares, kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and other supporting facilities. The neoclassical style "plate type ground friendly building" is composed of small high-rise buildings with multiple floors and less than 9 floors, enjoying ultra-low building density and plot ratio, and offering villa quality life to thousands of families

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