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Door and window enterprises should improve the scientific and technological content and civilized content of goods, make a brand of goods, strive to occupy an upstream position in the professional division of labor in the industrial chain and value chain, constantly explore the ways of exhibitions, expand the influence of professional exhibitions, actively arrange companies to participate in large-scale exhibitions and expositions together, borrow ships to go to sea, and improve the popularity of door and window enterprises and the proportion of shopping malls at home and abroad

from single promotion to diversification of promotion methods, expand the ways of promotion, reorganize the production and processing of doors and windows through e-commerce, and improve the market share through the operation mode of large-scale gear and road economy. It is the main method to transform the production mode of doors and windows, and it is also the commanding height to complete the globalization of doors and windows in China. It plans to build with the concept of full industry, full process and cloud service of a third party and settle down locally, Covering the whole country and facing the world, we will focus on changing the form of production management and promotion, and broaden the brand of doors and windows

industrial clustering promotes the industrial chain. According to the relevant research and practice of

, companies in the same industry seek to maximize the overall interests in cooperation, constitute a close industrial cluster, which is the main method to enhance the competitiveness of companies. Industrial clusters further strengthen the division of labor and cooperation of small and medium-sized companies in the same industry and their certain regions, and then constitute a more useful production arrangement method, And combine the development of industry with the regional economy to enhance the proximity of industrial space, greatly reduce the frequent business and production transportation costs between companies, and improve the regional productivity

the economic energy generated by industrial clusters is the driving force for external companies to enter. Once the embryonic form of industrial clusters is formed, it can attract more relevant industries, companies, service institutions and professional talents, and produce the accumulation effect of professional common sense, production skills, market information, etc., so as to obtain more market opportunities, reduce market risks, and increase the pressure of professional competition together, Paying attention to the progress of the trading rate and the decline of capital have enhanced the innovation and competitiveness of industry

speed up the completion of industrial financing and combine capital resources

as a traditional industry, the door and window industry relies heavily on resources and capital. With the increasing reduction of forest resources and the progress of local protection awareness, the development of door and window profession has also been bound. To this end, the development of the door and window industry has become a way of thinking in the future

guide the formation of shopping malls alliance, explore the construction of door and window futures malls, encourage the development of supporting financial instruments and commodities, and give certain booth fee subsidies to those who participate in international, national or domestic regional exhibitions and international shopping malls; Guide the formation of capital alliances, encourage the establishment of industrial development funds or bank financial institutions that specialize in the fixed investment door and window industry, and give financial subsidies according to the increase of their business tax structure capital level financial resources within three years from the start-up; Give priority to supporting the establishment of small loan companies for doors and windows, and deal with the financing problems of doors and windows

the competition in door and window shopping malls is fierce, and the brand is crucial to the livelihood of a company. Perhaps for consumers, brand is just a symbol, a symbol of different goods; However, for door and window enterprises, brand portrayal is not only the appeal of commodities, but also an innovation in the form of operation, which changes from the original rough operation to alienated operation

to complete differentiated operation, the company needs to make great efforts in image, service and skills. Image and service are the main content of the brand and the detailed performance of the company's strength




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