Top ten brands of wall cloth announced in Beijing,

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Sponsored by the China Interior Decoration Association, supported by the China Architectural Decoration Association, and jointly organized by Huiya information and Beijing Construction Expo, the 2012-2013 'third national household industry dealer survey and the "paper aesthetics" cup wall (wall) paper industry excellent brand selection and award ceremony was held in Beijing

sponsored by the China Interior Decoration Association and supported by the China Architectural Decoration Association, Huiya information and Beijing Construction Expo jointly organized the 2012-2013 'third national home furnishing industry dealer survey and the "paper fashion aesthetics" cup wall (wall) paper industry excellent brand selection and award ceremony, which was held as scheduled in the W201 conference hall of Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). The award ceremony produced a number of awards, including the top ten brands in the industry, the most growing enterprises, the most innovative brands and so on. Among them, Hurd seamless wallcovering won the top ten brands of Wallcovering in China, and officially ranked among the leading enterprises in China's wallcovering industry

Hurd seamless wallcovering brand has been established for more than ten years. It always adheres to the development concept that product quality is the vitality of the brand. While constantly catering to market changes, it optimizes itself, improves the scientific and technological content of products, enriches product categories, improves enterprise management, and strives to become an excellent famous brand. This award is also the result of long-term efforts of Hurd seamless wallcovering

sizing up the situation:

12 years is a year of steady and rapid development of the home textile industry, but compared with the blowout in previous years, it has tended to be stable, in which the influence of external factors accounts for a certain proportion. The national real estate market regulation policy and market self-regulation have accelerated the survival of the fittest in the home textile industry, and also promoted the optimal collection of resources. As a wall fabric industry, it is more necessary to master the market dynamics, Adjust the direction and pace of development in time, not only to cater to but also to innovate, but also to be based on the market

accumulation and accumulation:

being a brand is like being a man. When you are deep, you flow slowly, and when you are expensive, you speak late. What is needed is an inside story. People can enrich and improve themselves through reading. What is needed for brand self-improvement is product design innovation, technology improvement and optimization, reliable trust in quality, and there is interoperability between corporate brand culture and products. For example, it is usually difficult for enterprises to make brands in the early stage of development, and it is usually accompanied by publicity through products, which belongs to one-way publicity, In other words, customers can only know your enterprise through one product. When the later products have accumulated a certain "cultural heritage", customers will be eager to know more products of the enterprise through the brand while having the brand effect. Second, the final development mode is to sell not only products, but also brands and corporate culture

win in stability:

rapid development is certainly a happy thing for enterprises, but it is more difficult for an enterprise to maintain a stable growth rate




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