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How to create the aesthetic feeling of color impression in packaging design is discussed from three aspects: the choice of color, the effect of advertising and the texture of packaging materials Its purpose is to make better use of color in future packaging design to give people an unforgettable impression

key words: impression; Color; Advertising effect; Material mechanism

when it comes to impression, it is natural to think of impressionist painter Monet's impression of sunrise. Impressionists use their colors to describe the rhythm in the natural scenery to express the beauty of that moment in nature... This artistic expression is also one of the important techniques in packaging design - creating the beauty of color impression Color can give people a momentary aesthetic impression, capture the sight of consumers, generate buying behavior, and be more conducive to their own promotion

80-90% of the information a normal person receives from the outside world is obtained through vision. Color is the easiest sign to leave in people's minds through visual perception. This sign is also commonly known as' impression ' The beauty and ugliness, good and bad of impression play an important role in packaging design With the emergence of commodities, there is packaging; With packaging, we should consider how to package and how to use color and graphics to design packaging. The author believes that we should create the impression beauty of color from the following three aspects: understand the basis of packaging color selection; Understand the advertising effect of color on packaging; Spray - free, thin - walled, modular - plastic will meet the new opportunity, and pay attention to the use of the inherent color and texture of packaging materials

1 understand the basis of packaging color selection

since ancient times, people have long recognized that color has the preemptive effect The artistic conception created by color is dreamy and romantic, leaving an indelible impression Of course, the determination of packaging color is determined by the commodity's genus) Q, which is the color information transmission of one of the commodity's color, fragrance, taste, shape and other factors Generally speaking, the packaging of food is mainly yellow, orange, coffee, orange, red and other warm colors; Medical and health products are mostly blue, green, gray, silver and other medium color systems, mainly cold color systems Visible, we must first understand the basis of color selection, in order to use freely

secondly, the inherent color basis in packaging also depends on people's psychological habits, and acts on the color attributes of commodities Color attribute can also be said to be the reaction of color in human psychology Different colors can cause different emotional reactions As the famous British psychologist Gregory said: "Color perception is of great significance to human beings. It is the core of visual aesthetics and has a profound impact on our emotional state.

` for example, orange has a sense of appetite, a mild and exciting character, but it is stuffy and irritable when used too much; red can arouse excitement, a warm, warm and sincere character; green gives people a sense of tranquility and calmness, which is the color of life, with a sense of freshness and freshness;

cyan gives people a sense of calm and coldness, which is the sky and sea Ocean color; The symbol of white and light is the brightest color, giving people a sense of brightness, simplicity and purity After understanding the attributes of color, if we can reasonably use the perceptual effect and psychological factors of color in the packaging design, we can not only create a unique impression of beauty, but also enhance the advertising strength in the commodity packaging, better play the role of promotion, and achieve the purpose of profit Thirdly, pay attention to the regional and national differences of color Different regions and different nationalities have different habits of using color, and the same color has different understanding and understanding in different countries and different nationalities. See table to. Therefore, in the design, we should use the emotion and association of color to express artistic conception, so that the color can better reflect the attributes of goods, adapt to the psychology of consumers, and pay attention to the hobbies and habits of different regions at home and abroad, so as to promote the sales of goods and expand reproduction Therefore, the use of color can not be simplified and conceptualized

table I hobbies and taboos of color in various countries

tab 1 the favoritism and taboo of color in different countries

regional hobbies and taboos

Hong Kong and Macao red, green

Pakistan emerald green, orange

1.1 red, green and white are the colors of the emperor's clothing

Egypt green

France gray

ultramarine, blue and white



dark green

2 understand the advertising effect of color on packaging

many similar products in supermarkets are placed on shelves, How can the packaging show the legible and memorable image and how can the product information have the outstanding advertising effect depends on color. Color is often a pre emptive communication element. In terms of far-reaching effect, color communication is better than graphics and text communication The commodities that rely on color to highlight their packaging personality have unique "shelf impact" and are very easy to attract consumers' attention For example, the series packaging of "Jiabao hair dye" has gorgeous colors and highly feminine abstract flower shapes, making it elegant and unique among similar products; The packaging also takes into account the characteristics of graphics and words, which can easily (1) damage caused by man-made or irresistible natural phenomena in any direction; Identify the yellow lines of the company's products, with a sense of integrity; In addition, the packaging uses two colors of double colors to match colors. The impression is unified. It not only looks gorgeous and personalized, but also can produce strong common images. It is a successful design based on packaging design, which creates elegant colors and beautiful shapes In addition, the color impression of a package that can produce a good advertising effect does not depend on the number of colors used, but on the perfect matching For example, Pepsi Cola with contrasting red and blue colors gives full play to the advantages of bright and vibrant contrast colors, and white is blended here to highlight the coolness of the drink Therefore, color can produce different styles, styles and tastes through various configurations, which can promote advertising

now, people have realized that packaging itself is living advertising. How to turn product packaging into advertising and advertising into product packaging? The emergence of advertising packaging, known as "pop packaging", has integrated packaging and advertising and played a powerful appeal function Pop is the English abbreviation of point of purchase, which is intended to purchase the advertising that can promote sales in the place - terminal advertising ell Pop can promote the sales of goods. The sales of goods depends on pop, and the color in POP advertising is an important part. For example, Gillette shaving products for men are hung in supermarkets. There are two kinds of product packaging, namely, packaging and advertising. The color is blue, stable and elegant, which is very suitable for men's psychology Pop packaging has passed the "billboard" of the packaging itself to cooperate with the physical goods for self-promotion. It uses infectious color pictures and advertising terms that can affect customers' psychology to produce a strong impact and become a new kind of self-promotion packaging. The earliest food packaging used was mostly based on nature, such as reed leaves, banana leaves, bamboo tubes, vines, etc. the image spread 200 () The rice dumplings, made in, still use the fragrant glutinous rice wrapped in Daye. They are deeply loved by men, women and children. There is no better substitute. They are called "eternal packaging" It is the package of its thick green leaves that gives people a fresh, natural feeling and increases people's appetite; In addition, like the bamboo basket containing Wuxi oil gluten, it is light and breathable. In addition, a red paper is covered on the top, which makes it more cheerful. This kind of packaging has simple color and natural interest. It has local characteristics and traditional food packaging, which is still loved by people today This is a typical use of the inherent color and texture of packaging materials in ancient China For another example, first take a piece of coarse clay paper, and then add a white and shiny grease proof paper to the coarse clay paper to wrap cakes. After wrapping, cover it with a commodity label (red, green, yellow lacquered paper). The label paper is printed with the business name, fortune, wealth, longevity, joy and other auspicious words. The picture wearing case is not only decorative, but also has an advertising effect This kind of packaging is very simple, and its colors are warm and simple, which is precisely reflected in the packaging materials The native color of the clay paper mentioned above is earthy yellow (coarse texture), and it is covered with waxy red paper, which is just a comparison of the thickness of the texture It can be said that the color harmony and texture contrast of the packaging materials make it a complete Chinese packaging A good packaging design highlights its personality and beauty It can be seen that only by understanding and mastering the above three aspects can we create a beautiful impression of color in the further development of a new generation of carbon fiber epoxy prepreg packaging design Of course, for specific packaging, advertising and book design, the color language in visual communication cannot exist in isolation of graphics and words, but in terms of color itself, the three aspects of color impression beauty are complementary and interdependent. 10. Host size: 8406001850 organic whole

Author: Qian Tieyu, huhongzhong source: Wanfang Data

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