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German workers' agent's voice: I have confidence in selling German workers' loaders

German workers' agent's voice: I have confidence in selling German workers' loaders

information on China's construction machinery

Guide: Manager Xiao, a representative of Chaoyang District, is a tall and burly man with a loud voice. His wonderful speech on the high stiffness of steel strand testing machine at the agent's meeting aroused warm applause. Chaoyang area has formed a huge market for loaders with the demand for iron ore mining, gravel yard, non-ferrous metal smelting, etc

manager Xiao, a representative from Northeast China, was a tall, burly man with a loud voice. His wonderful speech at the agent meeting caused warm applause

in Chaoyang area, the inner wall of the working cylinder of iron ore mining, gravel yard and non-ferrous metal we type experimental machine is the guiding surface for the movement of the working piston. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean it after each use, which constitutes a huge market for loaders

many domestic loader brands are gathered here, and the competition is very fierce. Chaoyang Degong started with characteristic products, occupied conventional loaders, expanded key customers, fought a beautiful turnaround, and realized the role transformation from participant to leader

in 2010, Degong sought opportunities to enter the Chaoyang market. According to local conditions, Degong and underground models participated in market competition. According to the narrow underground roadway, low working face, large smoke and dust, excessive exhaust gas, high temperature and strict safety requirements, Degong has made a number of improvements to the loader, won customers' favor with excellent product quality, and the underground model has become a sharp weapon to pry open the Chaoyang market

it is relatively easy to gradually occupy the conventional loaders next, because the German products have good stability and high horsepower, and are more suitable for mine operation than other brands. Manager Xiao said, "I dare say: you don't have to pay for this loader. I have the confidence to use it first.". In the next "car car calculation" of customers, the market share in Chaoyang is getting larger and larger with better advantages

Chaoyang Degong's good service has also made great contributions to winning users. Product sales are temporary, but service is long-term. As long as there is only one user, their service personnel will appear in front of users and at the construction site at the first time. At the same time, personalized service measures such as regular visits and return visits have deepened friendship and cooperation, making customers loyal friends

as we all know, those who win big customers win the world. With good product quality as the "bone" and good after-sales service as the "meat", Chaoyang Degong has promoted its organic overall brand to a local famous brand and won the trust of major customers. In the past two years, major customers have gradually increased. During the meeting, manager Xiao received that a company also asked him to deliver four loaders

the forthright atmosphere of the northeast people and the steady quality of Degong cars form a perfect match. I believe that Chaoyang Degong will create extraordinary sales performance in its future work

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