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Operators' report cards: 4G has not enough to eat, 3G has eaten up

the three major operators will release recently, or have released the financial report for the first half of this year. Now is the best time to make a phased inventory and summary of the domestic communication industry with new policies in the past six months. Effectively sort out the real situation of operators from the financial reports, which is helpful for the implementation of various new policies and regulations at the top, and can also increase the transparency of policies at the bottom, so that users can consume openly

new express zhengzhihui

new express zhengzhihui

performance summary of the three major operators in the first half of the year

China Mobile: a valuable 4G time window

according to the performance report for the first half of 2014 released by China Mobile recently, in the first half of this year, China Mobile's operating revenue reached 324.7 billion yuan, an increase of 7.1% over the same period of last year. However, compared with the growth of 10.4% in the first half of last year, the growth rate slowed down significantly

worse, in the first half of the year, China Mobile's net profit was 57.7 billion yuan, a decrease of 8.5% over the same period of the previous year. It has been four consecutive quarters of profit decline. This is the first time that the company has seen a profit decline in its half year financial report since it was listed in Hong Kong in 1997

in this regard, senior executives of China Mobile said that China Mobile has strengthened the investment in 4G resources, and its profitability has declined due to the impact of policy factors such as the pilot of replacing business tax with value-added tax in the telecommunications industry and the adjustment of inter settlement standards

however, the impact of replacing business tax with value-added tax on operators' income and profits is not long-term. According to the prediction of senior executives of China Mobile, with the continuous expansion of the national pilot program of replacing business tax with value-added tax, their cost deductions will increase. Now, after the deduction of value-added tax in equipment procurement, the asset price will decline, the low tax rate income is increasing, and the high tax rate income is decreasing, which will gradually push up the profitability

nevertheless, thanks to the government's special time window of more than half a year for the development of tdd-lte, this financial report of China Mobile has been the most encouraging prospect among the three major operators. The data shows that up to now, there are load displacement, load time, displacement time, stress-strain load (2) point extension diagrams. By the end of June, 99% of domestic 4G users came from China Mobile, with a total of 13.94 million

China Mobile said that as the scale of 4G users continues to expand, it will significantly drive its overall traffic growth and revenue growth, and will continue to be the main driving force for revenue growth in the future

bright financial report of Unicom: the financial report of Unicom in the first half of the year released last week actually startled everyone, because although the profit of Unicom in the first half of the year was good, the net profit increased by 25.8% year-on-year to 6.69 billion yuan, but the revenue growth was pitifully low. The revenue in the first half of the year was 149.57 billion yuan, only a year-on-year increase of 3.6%, while the growth rate in the same period last year was as high as 18.6%

according to the analysis of insiders, compared with the double-digit growth of profits, it is more worrying for China Unicom to enter the single digit growth rate for the first time. In addition, in terms of user ARPU value, it is not a good momentum to reduce from 77.6 yuan to 68.7 yuan

according to the analysis of several investment institutions, in addition to the reason of replacing business tax with value-added tax, the slowdown of China Unicom's 3G revenue and the decline of terminal sales caused by the imbalance of 4G licenses may also be an important reason for the sharp decline of China Unicom's revenue growth in the first half of the year. In the second half of the year, the telecom industry further promoted the replacement of business tax with value-added tax, and the marketing expenses of operators were cut. In addition, the fierce competition in the 4G market, whether China Unicom could continue to maintain its current growth rate in the second half of the year deserves attention

another hidden worry of Unicom comes from talent. In the first half of this year, a number of key executives, including zhouyoumeng, deputy general manager of the group and the head and deputy general manager of the marketing department, and liuchengming, President of Unicom Research Institute, left or changed jobs. Some industry observers believe that if the changes of Unicom's market line personnel cannot be adjusted in time, coupled with the continued impact of replacing business tax with value-added tax, Unicom's market performance may be affected, and the performance in the next two quarters is not optimistic

Chinatelecom: walk in place for half a year

although Chinatelecom has not disclosed its semi annual report, it had analyzed the impact of replacing business tax with value-added tax as early as April. Chinatelecom said that it is expected to have a significant adverse impact on the company's operating profits in the short term, but it is conducive to the sustainable development of the company in the long term

according to the calculation of Chinatelecom, the income of 100 yuan is 7 yuan under the business tax system. After replacing business tax with value-added tax, the profit was only 4.85 yuan. After replacing business tax with value-added tax, the profits of telecom enterprises will drop by 30%

compared with the impact of book profit caused by replacing business tax with value-added tax, what worries the industry more is that Chinatelecom's restrictions on 4G time window and technology evolution have a deeper negative impact than Unicom

data show that from January to June 2014, Chinatelecom's mobile subscribers decreased by 53 in total, and Bridgestone cooperated with Ohio State University in the United States in 40000; The number of 3G users increased by 1.29 million, reaching 107.24 million in total

operators are facing a Triple Dilemma

fdd test license is only a hope to quench thirst

at the end of June 2014, the Ministry of industry and information technology finally officially approved Unicom and Telecom to carry out 4G mixed group test in 16 cities across the country, which was originally regarded as the biggest benefit for the two companies to reverse the decline in the number of users in the first half of the year. However, under the general direction of the government's adherence to the test mixed group, the pilot has not been officially licensed, and the resulting concerns are still the biggest stumbling block for China Unicom and Telecom to break through with 4G

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