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Since May 1, the criminal law amendment (VIII) and the revised road traffic safety law have been officially implemented. Some citizens have purchased alcohol testers for self-test. After measuring the alcohol content, they can decide whether to drive

Lao Zhang, a resident of Harbin City, often drinks alcohol because he should consider whether the oil is too thin or too dirty at work. After hearing that "drunk driving" was officially sentenced, through a friend's introduction, he wanted to buy an alcohol tester on to prevent drunk driving. As a result, he had no choice because of the various alcohol testers. Many kinds of alcohol testers are marked on some large shopping malls, with prices ranging from dozens of yuan to nearly 10000 yuan. Almost all of these alcohol testers are known as high-tech and imported products, including digital series, high-resolution semiconductor sensors, and even nano materials

it can reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the quality of sorting and the flexibility of control. The traffic police remind that the instruments they use have been tested by the technical supervision department and can be used as the basis for law enforcement. However, the products sold on the market are mixed, so it is difficult to say whether they are accurate or not. However, if you buy low-quality products, it will not only fail to detect, but also mislead drivers to drive drunk. Drivers should be responsible for their own and other people's life safety based on the principle of drinking and driving without drinking

note: this reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more letters. For example, as early as 1869, an engineer named tonius Olsen invented a lever type tensile testing machine in the United States (March 2014, nearly 200 years later), which does not mean agreeing with his views or confirming the authenticity of his content

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