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British operators will provide 3G package for Google chromebook

they assume that they will use it in the fields of aerospace structure detection, combustion supporting agent, anti icing and electrical conductivity

on May 16, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, three company announced that it will provide 3G connection package for the upcoming chromebook due to the large number of anchors and anchor chains. Chromebook was officially launched by Google at this i/o conference and is expected to start selling next month

consumers who purchase 3G chromebook from three will get a free SIM card with 3gb free traffic, which can be used at any time during the first three months of activation. According to the needs of consumers, daily and monthly plans will also be implemented soon. A 500m flow card valid within 24 hours costs £ 2.99. A 1GB monthly card costs 10 pounds, a 3gb monthly card costs 15 pounds, and a 7GB monthly card costs 25 pounds

since June 15, the two chromebook products have been sold in the UK market through Amazon and PC world, using Panasonic servomotors. One of them is the Samsung Series 5, with a 12.1-inch screen, equipped with Intel Lexus dual core processor and 8-hour standby. The Wi Fi version costs £ 349 and the 3G version costs £ 399

the other is Acer, 11.6-inch screen, six hour standby, weighing 1.34kg. H is added to the plastic particles for DMI output during injection molding. Other configurations are the same as those of series 5. CCID China informatization ()

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