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[overseas policy] the US Senate amendment will double the funding to promote the commercial use of UAVs

the current version of the "transportation, housing and urban development" spending act will allocate US $3million to companies that have cooperative relations with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) UAV test stations. The amendments proposed by three senators - Mark Warner, John Hoeven and Catherine Cortez masto - doubled this amount to $6million

since 2013, FAA has been testing the use of UAVs in commercial airspace at test stations. In May, officials from FAA and the U.S. Department of transportation announced the list of the first batch of companies (10 in total) to cooperate with the government. Under the project, federal officials will work with local governments, universities, companies and community groups to test the commercial use of UAVs in the space and circumstances not allowed by current laws, including on people's heads, out of sight and at night. The project also allows interested groups to test drones in a way they feel comfortable with

"this amendment will ensure that we can continue to promote the use of UAVs," Warner said in a statement. "I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure that the necessary funds are provided for the research and development of this cutting-edge technology, so that the United States can maintain its competitive advantage."

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