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Open source video conferencing system jitsi membership support by calling

the open source video conferencing system jitsi is a very popular video conferencing system. In 2014, the U.S. plastic material trade grew moderately. Many enterprise users in the industry are using the video conferencing access method deployed in the enterprise as a private environment. Many users can join the webrtc conference directly through the browser URL. Jitsi can realize the function of calling in and joining through video conference system. Users can realize the function of joining by dialing numbers or PSTN numbers. Here, we demonstrate how to realize the setting process of membership by preparing to save a piece of forest enterprise ippbx/integrated communication equipment from the express package

uc100 supports IVR playback extension transfer function to realize jitsi membership (local installation)

about the specific implementation process of UC 100 supporting open source video conference jitsi membership:

install and configure Dingxin uc100, Support SIM card incoming call or FXO incoming call

set voice ivr

transfer to jitsi SIP extension through IVR (jitsi extension is registered to UC 100)

open source video conference settings SIP conference terminal

freepbx+ Ding xianguan to realize the membership function (local installation)

if you use freepbx to support jitsi video conference membership, You need to:

call in to freepbx through the Customs (Dingxin fusion customs or access customs)

freepbx to create an extension number, including jitsi extension and other test extensions

freepbx to set up voice IVR, and then transfer to jitsi SIP extension

jtsi. You can also connect to freepbx through cloud deployment, and then call in through SIP trunk to achieve membership

the following is the SIP extension setting interface. Enter the extension number and freepbx address

freepbx interface create SIP extension

install freepbx, find freepbx login address, and create SIP extension through browser

sip phone settings

call in J through the extension, and then put the second block in the same way Screenshot of the 3rd test piece itsi extension enrollment test

asterisk cli log

video conference includes two webrtc conference personnel and one extension conference personnel (voice)

video demonstration on how to join jitsi video conference through call:

converged communication/ippbx/freepbx business solution:

latest asterisk complete Chinese user manual details and free slack support:

freepbx/freesbc technical documents:

how to use freesbc, technology sharing group:

pay attention to official account: asterisk CN then right click on my computer → properties → equipment manager to view, Gain valuable technology sharing in the communication industry

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