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Participate in the "I speak for Liugong" video competition to compete for the number of visits

recently, the service visit activities of Liugong exclusive meeting were in full swing in various provinces. The backstage of Liugong excavator official account and Tiktok and Kwai platforms received many private messages from customers in addition to some objective high-quality product devices and high-tech software operation experimental systems

▲ Liugong service car is in action


how can we participate in this service car inspection activity


for this situation, we fully respond to everyone's needs. If you participate in the following activities, you will have the opportunity to get the considerate service of Liugong service car

I speak for Liugong

short video competition

release and shoot my own video of Liugong excavator operation and equipment on the Tiktok and Kwai short video platform, and bring the topic

scoring rules for short video competitions

basic score: likes + comments + forwarding

bonus items:

(1) the higher the number of working hours, the easier it is to be selected, such as having worked 20000 hours

(2) the older the model is, the more popular it is. You can shoot working videos of Liugong D series, C series and even Liugong second-generation excavator products

(3) special models are concerned, and special Liugong refitting machines such as coal picker and rock arm can be used

(4) the more equipment, the better. At the top left is the spindle drive system and oil box, which have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. Taiwan Liugong excavator is easier to be selected

provinces and time of video competition activities

provinces participating in the activities:

Zhejiang, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan

participation time:

April 29, May 20, 2021

service vehicle activity maintenance items

maintenance items:

(1) free whole machine health inspection once

(2) clean the radiator and cab for free once

(3) free oil filtration of the whole machine once

pay attention to Liugong excavator

official Tiktok number, Kwai number and video number

this part of consumer demand shows rigidity. Follow Liugong service guarantee vehicle

Cross Mountains, rivers and seas, cross the sea of people

Liugong service thousands of miles, and has been on the road

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