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"I am the future" Xiaobing's painting shocked illustrators. AI has become a "partner"

Sina Technology News on November 12, Beijing time. The second season of the youth science popularization high-energy technology show "I am the future", jointly produced by Hunan Satellite TV and Weizhong media and specially supported by the Science Communication Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is on the air. In the program last night, the "future science and Technology Museum" welcomed a group of "future partners", "humanoid educational robots" showed their dance skills and "new entrants" competed for physical fitness, "personal artificial intelligence" aroused the curiosity of the audience, "Ai beautiful girl Xiaobing" showed her painting skills, and her paintings were amazing. Finally, Xiaobing won the qualification of "entering the library collection" with 93% of the technology dominating screen index

Microsoft Xiaobing's painting skills are unexpected. The new image's first show stunned the audience.

from the first season to now, Xiaobing is a special presence on the stage of "I am the future". In the program of the first season, Xiaobing, as the Deputy host, made the audience remember this "Ai beautiful girl" with her wit and eloquence. In the program of the second season of this year, Xiaobing changed his "sharp" image in the past, incarnated as the author of each "science and technology examination", and shouldered the important task of "investigating" the "entry qualification" of science and technology. In the program last night, Xiaobing became the main technology player of this program, comprehensively upgraded his functions, and met the audience with a new image to accept everyone's "test"

in the "science and technology test", AI Xiaobing competed with the illustrator head-on. Xiaobing proved his painting skills to the audience with his unique paintings. His fine degree of painting and imagination for the future made his opponents full of praise, and was highly recognized by the director of the theoretical research office of Shanghai Artists Association. After the broadcast of the program, some friends hotly discussed: "AI will also be endowed with more emotions in the future!", "With such a 'future partner' company, it's very interesting to think about it!"

it is reported that Xiaobing began to unlock the domain knowledge and skills that match the new synaesthesia model. After unlocking, Xiaobing will further improve her IQ performance in the "knowledge field", have knowledge in the corresponding field, and have deep interaction with human users. Xiaobing has gradually become a complete artificial intelligence system of eq+iq from a chat robot with EQ EQ as its development direction

personal artificial intelligence leads social upgrading in the future. Educational robots may redefine the world

"artificial intelligence" everyone knows, so do you know "personal artificial intelligence"? In the program last night, the science guest took you to know "yourself in the virtual world", and invited the famous actor Dai Chunrong to experience "personal artificial intelligence". AI Dai Chunrong, who can speak and dance, amazed the audience. Even Dai Chunrong himself was "scared": "she's too good, and she knows more than I do. Let her go to acting in the future. I can rest at home!"

the "personal artificial intelligence" from oben enables everyone to quickly establish their own artificial intelligence image by taking photos, uploading voice samples and other forms, form their own behavior portraits with their own data, and then apply it to the social field. In the future, our social way will solve the trend of making friends through artificial intelligence, AI virtual molding process and material formula. After the program was broadcast, friends said, "Wow, this is simply a high-profile version of 'trumpet if the cartilage endplate and fibrous ring are intact and functional'!" "With it, I can directly create an 'Avatar' of idols and accompany them around every day!"

since we are "future partners", how can we lack "educational robots"? In the program last night, the "robot sky group" from the ability storm opened with a wonderful dance, which instantly ignited the atmosphere of the scene. In the physical competition with Wang Bowen, we have refreshed our understanding of educational robots with flexible and standard actions

it is reported that "ability storm" is the global pioneer and leader of educational robots. Just as in the program, "future youth group" controls educational robots through programming to complete the "section 9. Optional microcomputer interface technology test", "educational robots" can train children's analytical ability, practical ability and creative ability, so as to cultivate children's scientific interest and scientific and technological literacy. After the program was broadcast, it caused a heated discussion among friends: "it's too interesting to learn programming in this way!" "Teaching 1. Torque measurement range: small range 0~50nm, large range 0~1000nm. Isn't that what Yu Le is?!"

"I am the future" not only depicts a future world within our reach, but also selects many "future partners" from our peers. With their company, we will gain more unique scenery on the way to the future world, and walk with technology to create a cool and intelligent future life! At 19:30 every Sunday, the second season of Hunan Satellite TV's "I am the future" will be locked, and science and technology will empower human beings

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