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I love recycling cabinets to make it easier to recycle waste paper in the community

after renting a rental car, I love collecting is Li Guang's second venture. Founded in 2017, aishou is a renewable resource recycling platform in the form of intelligent device terminals. At present, it mainly focuses on paper recycling business. I love collecting by placing intelligent recycling cabinets in community scenes such as communities and universities, and configuring each device according to the size of the community. Users who bind their official account open the hatch door by scanning the code, put the waste paper into the delivery port, and the machine automatically calculates the weight and price, and directly pays after confirmation

after the current end box is full, I love to collect the self built back-end recycling fleet, with a self-developed cloud service logistics system, plan the recycling route, send vehicles to recycle in time, transfer the recycled waste paper at each point to the sorting plant for centralized treatment, and send it to the recycling station, packaging station and paper mill

the 19 member "grassroots" team in Li guangkou officially announced the completion of angel round financing. At present, the project is also in the process of a new round of financing, with a planned financing of 10million yuan. The funds will be mainly used for product iteration 2, precautions for arranging experimental grounding wires, agent research and development, terminal mass production, and building a ground push team

incremental waste paper recycling market

the opportunity to establish I love collecting comes from my mother's experience of selling waste products. He observed that residents need to collect a certain amount of waste at home before contacting the scattered waste recycling personnel in the community to make an appointment first and then come to the house for recycling. This also involves the problem of waste price, because it is not uncommon for a dime to be debated for a long time

indeed, in daily life, when it comes to waste recycling, you can't help thinking of garbage recyclers who ride a tricycle through the streets and shout "collect waste"; Or a garbage collector with a big sack on his back and a bent body, dressed in messy clothes. They usually shuttle through various communities, and finally transport a full amount of waste to the recycling and transfer station to obtain a small profit. The whole model is based on the transaction between people, and the work is cumbersome. At present, the domestic research on metal rubber materials started late and hard, and the efficiency is low

from a macro perspective, the recycling rate of renewable resources in China is low, and the channels are relatively scattered, and the recycling rate of major varieties is even lower than 60%, which is significantly different from some developed countries. As an indispensable link in the recycling of renewable resources, recycling waste paper into recycled paper can save a lot of forest resources. In the production process, it has the advantages of low cost, low cost, low pollution and low energy consumption

the sharp decline in the import of waste paper has led to a shortage of domestic raw materials, and the domestic waste paper gap has further expanded, driving up the price of paper. Experts believe that at present, China's waste paper recycling industry has experienced dual changes in environmental protection and resource sources. Domestic recycling enterprises have reduced their dependence on foreign waste paper and released new production capacity, which is beneficial to the long-term development of the industry. On the other hand, the utilization rate of domestic waste paper is less than 45%, and there is still a lot of room for excavation

the process from 0 to 1 should be thoroughly understood

"discarding the past is a subtraction, and absorbing everything when experiencing a new project is an addition process." Among all categories, paper has the most recycling value. "At present, the purpose of my favorite collection is to make the category of waste paper recycling to the extreme. If I cover the recycling business of the whole category at the beginning of its establishment, I'm jumping and the foundation is unstable."

this industry is not a new business model. Some internet intelligent enterprises listed in the same column as I love are just doing things that subvert the traditional paper recycling path. Take "I love collection" as an example. Through intelligent machines and code scanning technology, human-computer interaction and one-stop recycling of waste products are realized. The original mode of owner vendor recycling transfer station garbage station pulp mill is eliminated, and it is changed into owner intelligent recycling equipment pulp mill

on the road from 0 to 1, I like the team to be more cautious, realistic and calm. After the first two devices landed in the first community, the team tested the operation in the community for nearly two months and accumulated more than 800 users. After the mode was feasible, it began to advocate putting them into the second community. Li Guang explained, "when 0 to 1 is solid, the replication ability behind it will be strong and the way will be stable." From the perspective of equipment delivery scenarios, I love to receive the main positioning of the delivery point to the high-end residential areas. On the one hand, compared with old residential buildings, such communities are more accustomed to shopping, and there is enough demand for express carton recycling. The next double 11 Shopping Festival will be the peak period of waste carton recycling; On the other hand, residents living in medium and high-end residential areas are relatively less price sensitive, have a faster ability to accept new things, and have a greater awareness of environmental protection

in May this year, we have completed the cabinet design. At present, we are piloting to optimize the operation model in Shanghai, and plan to start large-scale laying from November. It is worth mentioning that, without the establishment of the local promotion team, I love more than 200 community sites that have signed a contract, including the use mode of which will be changed, including poly, China Resources and Xuhui. According to the team, at present, a single cabinet can contribute kg of recovery per day

for possible users' random delivery behavior, I love that every cabinet is equipped with intelligent cameras, and based on existing technology, it has the ability to trace the source. The team will call the user to inform the user of a misdelivery. If it happens twice, I will take other ways, not excluding legal channels

talking about the future direction of my favorite collection, Li Guang said that at the initial stage of the project, my favorite collection was mainly based on waste paper, but ultimately it was not for waste paper itself. After the business was stable and accumulated to a certain volume, the team would plan to expand the recycling category. In the later stage, in addition to daily waste recycling, I love collecting will enter low-frequency recycling scenarios such as home appliances from high-frequency daily waste recycling categories, so as to create a new flow entry for the recycling industry

"this industry is not an industry that can realize the experiments of simply supported beam and cantilever beam by burning money. Everyone is still at the starting point." in the face of the fierce competition, Li Guang firmly said: "everyone says that entrepreneurship is a near death. At the age of 40, I have only one chance of life and death, so I love it and try my best to survive."

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