I feel very happy every time I see the fan turn

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Every time I see the fan turn, I feel very happy

starting from Xining, we drove all the way west, looking for the wind. At 5:18 on December 31, 2018, many enterprises of the upper Yellow River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. used the constant speed stretching method to test the tensile strength of paper, once again describing a history. The wind power project with a total installed capacity of 950000 kW and the largest one-time capacity in the world was successfully put into operation

"here I can see the first ray of sunrise in the morning and the afterglow of the sunset in the evening. Every time I see the fan turn, I feel very happy!" When meeting zhangfenghua, deputy manager of the new energy construction Department of the Yellow River hydropower construction company, his dark face showed a brilliant smile, which instantly brought us closer, as if we synchronized it with the gauge distance on the sample. It was not the first time to meet, but an iron friend we hadn't seen for a long time

the construction, operation and maintenance of wind farms are really hard. You can't imagine their hardships unless you see them with your own eyes. Located at an annual average temperature of less than 5 degrees Celsius, it is almost uninhabited for hundreds of kilometers. Hypoxia, strong ultraviolet rays and cold wind wrapped in gravel caused by high altitude have brought great trouble to life and work

when I saw the members of the Jinfeng youth commando of the construction company, they had just returned to the project department from the construction site 40 kilometers away. After a simple lunch, I set foot on the road to the site of the company's new wind power project with them. Zhang Fenghua, who was accompanying me, was very talkative and kept introducing their "battlefield" and "results" to me along the way, as if there were endless stories and endless feelings

"all the fans you can see are from our company." "In less than two months, we completed the tower building and wiring of 60 kilometers of overhead lines." "Originally, there was no road here, so we walked directly on the river." The continuous bumpy road did not affect his enthusiasm and passion in talking with us

there are no holidays on the construction site. It is often when family and friends call suddenly that they know that another half month has passed. "After a year, I can count the time with my relatives with ten fingers. I owe too much to my parents and children, but the construction site can't live without me. Someone has to do the work." This is what I heard most on this trip

with the whistling wind and the roar of machines coming from my ears, I saw one after another from a distance, and I thought of the hope that the leaves of the wind would turn out green energy. I was filled with pride and a sense of pride, and I felt a lot warmer in an instant

the car has just driven into the 330kV booster station in chejidong. The busy people coming and going are full of energy and energy, and work in order. You check the drawings carefully, and I operate carefully with tools. You should know that among these people, there are a large team of wind power companies responsible for production preparation, construction companies and integration companies responsible for project construction, and supervision companies responsible for project supervision. The adverse factors caused by the large number of construction sites, wide coverage and dense personnel have not affected their work progress at all

although I knew it was cold here and made preparations early to wrap myself like a zongzi, the extremely cold strong wind still ruthlessly penetrated the thick cotton padded clothes, and the cold was piercing, and I couldn't help shivering several times. How can we imagine them sticking to this environment for several years in a row? Maybe just as the pupa needs to break its cocoon painfully to become a beautiful butterfly, on the stage of carrying dreams, the Yellow River Hydropower people have never stopped fighting

"it was close to 12 p.m. that day. When we returned to chejixi from the 330kV booster station, we passed by a fan. From a distance, we saw that the door of the fan tower was not closed, and the inside was crowded. You should know that the external temperature was close to minus 30 degrees, and there should be no work arrangement." When it comes to this, Li Weiming, director of the maintenance center of the wind power company, adjusted his mood and continued, "take a closer look, and in some cases we know that it is the employees of our production preparation team who are still familiar with the equipment and systems with drawings..."

of all the beautiful things we have completed, nothing can be done quickly - because these things are too difficult and complex. Who doesn't care about the excitement and passion of the city, who doesn't want and China is the largest market for the utilization of high-performance composites in the Asia Pacific region, and wants the happiness of "wife and child hot Kang", but if you choose the Yellow River hydropower, which takes the dedication of green energy as its own responsibility, and choose the career of Yellow River wind power, you will use your stubborn youth to walk through the wind and snow, trek in the mud, and climb on the wind tunnel

at 5:18 on December 31, two wind farms with a total installed capacity of 950000 kW of Huanghe company successfully generated electricity. Those scenes of fighting side by side began to freeze in the hearts of everyone in the central control room. Now, on the Gobi desert with an altitude of more than 3000 meters, the typhoon rotates rhythmically and compiles a beautiful picture scroll, dotted with green hope for the desolate Gobi desert. The value of the Yellow River wind power is just as high as the wind turbine tower, which is towering and respectable

"we survived!" Suddenly, a group of people shouted excitedly in the distance, with a hoarse voice but so firm and powerful

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