I will do my part to fight the epidemic together

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Do my part to fight the epidemic together

there are no salvation heroes from the sky, only ordinary people who stand up

in the battle against COVID-19, we have seen countless ordinary people grow into heroes

they are medical guardians who are retrograde in the face of danger and save the dying and heal the wounded

they are painstaking and time-consuming scientific research experimenters

they are project builders who live in the open air day and night

they are front-line guards who are day and night control and never tire of their hardships

when they fight against the virus and death at the cost of their own safety, and build a plumb bob to find the right equipment for us to straighten out the first wall of containment and control of the epidemic, we, as ordinary people, should also form a platform for display and recording, and bear the responsibility of

not spreading viruses and rumors, and protect ourselves and our families

then, we will provide support and assistance to the front-line heroes in the way we can

At the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, delta received an order from a mask equipment enterprise, which urgently needed a variety of automation products such as PLC, server, HMI, frequency converter and so on. To this end, Delta and its channel partners urgently allocate relevant equipment and provide personnel to assist in commissioning, so as to ensure that customers can successfully start the production of fasteners and bolts on the second day of the new year, which is the key connector production in the utilization of engineering projects with a large amount of use

the subsequent porous based qualitative phase change materials are not easy to leak. Many masks are in urgent need, and many enterprises have resumed or transformed the production of masks. All kinds of semi-automatic and all-round automatic mask production equipment have become strategic materials urgently needed by all regions. Mask equipment manufacturers in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places have contacted delta to order. Therefore, Delta and many channel partners go all out to allocate manpower and goods, overcome the transportation difficulties under control, and ensure that all enterprises are put into operation in a timely manner

on January 29, Wuhan hospital urgently needed the UPS power supply of CT equipment for disease detection. In order to support the front line, Taida Wujiang factory applied to the government for urgent commencement. Under limited human and material conditions, it has expedited the production of three batches of nearly 200 ups to supply the front

on February 1, Northeast Medical customers were ordered to start the production of CT machines and X-ray machines, supply them to Wuhan Huoshen mountain, Leishen mountain and other Hubei provincial hospitals, and urgently order a large number of delta frequency converters and servo systems. The Taida Shenyang colleagues who learned the news made every effort to organize the preparation of goods, assist in commissioning, and directly sent them to the customer's factory to ensure that the equipment was delivered in time for Wuhan to use

on February 3, delta received an urgent notice from the customer that the country needed 1000 new hospital disinfection cabinets and required to complete the programming and prototype work before February 9. Delta works closely with channel partners to provide electrical systems for disinfection cabinets, complete program commissioning in advance, actively coordinate the emergency stock of the factory, organize the source of goods, and strive for valuable time

since the Spring Festival, Delta and its channel partners have been cheering for those heroes who are fighting on the front line in this way! This is what delta should do as an ordinary corporate citizen

epidemic prevention is bound to be a protracted war. At present, it is in the critical period of the battle against novel coronavirus

we are not professional medical workers, but we can strictly abide by the isolation order to prevent ourselves and our families from becoming the source of infection

we don't understand vaccine research and development, but we can work hard and work safely to ensure the resources needed for epidemic prevention and control

pay tribute to every hero on the front line

do everyone's best,

let ourselves become the reliable backup of heroes

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