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Zhongmai will talk to you about enterprise communication

how to achieve precision marketing and customer portrait service capabilities

in the Internet era, small and medium-sized enterprises are developing rapidly, and traditional enterprises are also facing digital transformation. More and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the rapid layout of related businesses, helping enterprises win market opportunities in the Internet era. As a one-stop enterprise cloud communication solution provider, what kind of advanced technology will it bring to the industry? Go into Zhongmai and listen to it talk about communication

-- breakthrough and innovation, integrated communication

Zhongmai communication has a rich enterprise communication product line, and is in the leading position in the industry in the fields of intelligent voice quality inspection, marketing call center, customer service call center, conference, video call, voice, SMS, traffic telecom value-added services. Taking innovation as the development concept, the company continues to expand the market share of cloud communication and continuously meet the communication needs of enterprise customers at different stages of development

take the call center business as an example, Zhongmai can provide national landing resources, unified access to multi-channel media, leading position in IVR voice service high-performance materials, combined with full functions such as 1 service, preview, predictive outbound call, intelligent voice quality inspection, customer management, work order management, recording, data statistics, so that enterprises can obtain the best operator resources and rich functional modules in one stop

Zhongmai communication is also committed to the market development of new technologies, focusing on conference and video call products, so as to meet the flexible needs of Internet + enterprises to keep pace with the times, and it is also the definition of its own continuous innovation. At the same time, it also provides customized services for enterprises' personalized needs, helping enterprises win market opportunities in the Internet era

-- resource pooling, surpassing competition

the phenomenon of product homogenization in enterprise communication service providers is also not rare. It can not be limited to the price war of mineral oil with medium viscosity. More importantly, it is to explore the strength behind the advantage of communication service of Jinan gold testing spring torsion tester, that is, resource advantage

Zhongmai communication is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xunzhong Co., Ltd. the team has more than 10 years of mature enterprise communication service experience and has in-depth cooperation with three basic operators. Provide enterprises with national landing resources and realize 10000 call center seats. The system can meet the daily processing of outbound call tasks of millions of enterprises, upload, distribute and recycle outbound call work orders of tens of millions of orders, and help enterprises increase their annual data by more than 30%

through one-stop resource collection, Zhongmai gives full play to the maximum performance of the enterprise call center, which is also the core competitiveness of Zhongmai communication services

-- if you can't resist the power of interconnection, become its friend

the power of interconnection promotes enterprise innovation, integration and development, and makes cloud communication develop more rapidly. Zhongmai said that the enterprise communication solution cannot only stay at the traditional level, and the Internet communication can better meet the application needs of high efficiency and on-demand of mobile terminals. For example, cloud based conferences and video calls, as well as convenient conference products at the applet end, continue to attract enterprises in education, health care, insurance, real estate, automobile and other industries. Based on such market development trend, we have reason to believe that the mobile Internet communication market has broad development space

-- the most profitable call center

the marketing call center, the core product of Zhongmai communication, is to build a call center business platform for enterprise customers to quickly and cheaply layout. Its product value is obvious. Compared with the traditional call center, it has greater flexibility in meeting the personalized needs of enterprises, which further makes the cost of enterprises controllable

one of the deployment forms of Zhongmai call center

the platform can support large-scale outbound marketing, return visits and investigations of enterprises, meet the stable and efficient 7*24 customer service of enterprises, and have professional preview and prediction outbound call capabilities, so that enterprise seats can maximize the efficiency of outbound calls

for enterprises with precision marketing needs, Zhongmai provides intelligent voice quality inspection solutions, summarizes user problems through intelligent voice analysis, deeply excavates the value of customer voice data, and realizes repeated marketing opportunities. It also reduces the input cost of human recording and detection of enterprises. By reducing the cost of enterprise construction and operation and maintenance, it can effectively improve the profitability of enterprises

-- situational application opportunities

nowadays, the application based on mobile Internet has promoted the application of cloud communication in tourism, education, adjusting the level of experimental machines, transportation, o2o e-commerce and other situational applications. For example, 58 enterprise switchboard products applied in the same city are favored by classified information station enterprises because they are conducive to the unified extension number segment, merchant management and marketing billing of enterprises; SMS verification code, SMS notification and voice verification code are widely used in app user login, verification and various notifications; Traffic red envelopes have become a new kind of gifts, appearing in Internet interaction, promotion and marketing activities, attracting a large number of fans for enterprises

all the enterprise communication solutions involved in Zhongmai communication are the market areas that enterprises pay most attention to and strive to develop. In addition, with China's economic development entering the new normal and the positive development of artificial intelligence, intelligent voice applications will be the market that Zhongmai will focus on developing, and also the latest highlight of Zhongmai enterprise communication solutions

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