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I can play this custom function for a year! Hyperx origin RGB game mechanical keyboard

mechanical keyboard has always been the favorite of game players. Having a game keyboard with excellent hand feel is absolutely twice the result with half the effort. However, the needs of players are not limited to the feel, but also have personalized lighting effects, not only strength, but also beauty

hyperx alloy origins origin RGB game mechanical keyboard not only meets the players' pursuit of hand feeling, but also has the coolest RGB dynamic lighting effect on the market, and the lighting effect can be customized. Players with this keyboard joked, "with this custom function, I can play for a year."

illuminating the whole room, the exposed LED shows its prestige

the origin RGB game machine keyboard adopts hyperx's own mechanical key shaft, and has a dazzling exposed led. The biggest advantage of this is that it retains the comfortable feel of the mechanical keyboard, while making the LED light source brighter and more dazzling. This is also why the origin RGB game machine keyboard is brighter than other backlit keyboards. Even in bright places during the day, its luminous effect is still shining. In addition, there are five levels of brightness adjustment. The whole room can even be lit at night. Of course, players can also reduce the brightness appropriately and adjust it to the brightness they think is the most comfortable

no personality, no genuity

the professional customized software genuity of hyperx (download address: a new high temperature resistant and flame retardant insulation material developed through the combination of independent research and development and imported technology - space, which can be used after installation of 181 construction engineering large template new keyboard firmware) is very familiar to hyperx players. Whether it is headphones, keyboards, memory, mice, or even mouse pads, lights and light effects can be set, It is not only powerful, but also simple and intuitive. After setting, you can show the light and shadow effect

for example, during the Spring Festival, the colorful effect of setting off fireworks can also be shown on the keyboard because of the accumulation of three-star research on plastic for so many years. It is also because of the custom software that more ideas can be put into practice. First, open the genuity software, and there are cycle presets in the lighting options. Among them, the most suitable thing for the Spring Festival fireworks is "colorful fragments", so that each letter and character has different colors, completely bid farewell to the color of non corrosive gas in the single ambient air, and let the keyboard bloom like fireworks

in addition to this "fireworks" effect, there are more operations that can be set, such as color selection. Some people prefer red and some people prefer blue, which can be set pertinently. In addition, the transparency, speed and lighting mode of the light can be customized, such as breathing mode, touch sliding, wave mode, etc. The important point is that all kinds of light effects can be superimposed, so that the light effects can be varied, and it is easy to create a unique personalized light effect

for the customized mode that you are satisfied with, you can also store the effect in the built-in chip of the keyboard, and you can store up to three modes. Even if you are not on this host in the future, you can still call your customized light effect at any time, which is very suitable for outdoor competitions

the autonomous axis has a face value and is more powerful.

the origin of the face value of the RGB game mechanical keyboard needless to say, but the keyboard will eventually be used. Whether it is typing or playing games, comfort is the first element. This model uses a hyperx autonomous shaft, with a key pressure of 45 grams, a shorter key range, a response time of only 1.8ms, and provides a key life of up to 80million times. Compared with the keyboard life of 10000 times of membrane keyboard, the normal service life of mechanical keyboard is no problem

there are also many details to be affirmed. First, it is rugged. It uses a metal frame. Although the cost will be much higher, its durability will be greatly enhanced; The second is comfort. The range of the carefully made key cap fits the fingertips, bringing a comfortable and smooth tapping feel. The keyboard has three adjustment angles to meet the usage habits of most users; Finally, the portability, convenient and removable cable is the first to adopt the type-C interface, which makes it easier for the team to carry out the competition

it has beauty, strength, durability and long service life. It refuses to be the same and shows its personality. This is the origin of RGB game mechanical keyboard. For every gamer, this keyboard is the ultimate weapon worth having

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