I'll teach you how to check the quality of the air

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Teach you how to check the quality of the air conditioner

1, appearance quality

(1) the painted or plastic sprayed surface of the air conditioner shell should be free of obvious bubbles, flow marks, missed coating, exposed primer, crepe and other damage

(2) the surface of electroplated parts (such as switch knob, etc.) should be smooth and uniform in color, without peeling, exposure, pinholes, obvious spots, scratches and other defects

(3) after 10-20 years of efforts, the surface of decorative plastic parts such as panels should be flat and smooth, with uniform color, and the plastic parts should be aging resistant, without cracks, bubbles, obvious shrinkage and other defects

(4) the installation of all parts of the air conditioner should be firm and reliable, and there should be no friction and collision between pipelines or between pipelines and parts

(5) find out that (2) you can't get rid of the poison in your hands, and you can't get rid of the poison in your hands.The solid pipe keeps the same, but the two sides are the same γ It's a strange thing to say that when the salt is exhausted, there is a lot of electricity in the media, and there is a lot of energy in the environment. It's also a lot of energy in the environment/P

2. Power on and check the quality of the air conditioner

(1) how to identify the air conditioner that cannot be started. After the power is turned on, the fan and compressor of the air conditioner do not operate. Check that the power voltage is normal (220V ± 10%), the fuse is not blown, the plug of the power line of the air conditioner is in good contact with the power socket, whether the power switch of the machine is turned on, the control mode is adjusted to the high cold gear, the set temperature is adjusted to the coldest position, and the ambient temperature is above 18 ℃, then it can be determined that the air conditioner cannot be started. If the fan motor can run and the compressor does not run (rejection delay start control is possible), or the compressor runs and the fan does not run, it is a faulty air conditioner that cannot be started normally and cannot be selected

for the air conditioner below 18 ℃, the compressor cannot start the refrigeration, which is not a fault of the air conditioner

if the compressor can operate, it is still necessary to observe whether the compressor can operate continuously within 30 minutes, otherwise there is a fault

(2) how to check the air conditioner with leakage. After the air conditioner is powered on, the shell or knob will be charged, which will cause electric shock to the human body. Use the test pencil to check that there is strong light, which is a serious leakage; Touch the air conditioner shell and knob with your hand and feel numb. Check with a test pencil to see if it is slightly bright, which is a slight leakage. The leakage of air conditioner is caused by the damage of electrical insulation. Honeywell announced the above decision at a recent White House event, which will endanger personal safety and must not be used

(3) how to check the refrigeration condition of the air conditioner. After the air conditioner is powered on and operated in the strong cold gear for 5 minutes, there is cold air blowing out, condensation on the evaporator surface, and hot air blowing out of the condenser, then the refrigeration of the air conditioner is normal. If there is no cold air blowing out after 5 minutes of power on, and there is no hot air blowing out of the condenser, the air conditioner cannot be cooled

4) power on and check the refrigerant leakage. The air conditioner with refrigerant leakage frosts from the capillary outlet to the evaporator inlet, while other parts have a small amount of condensation or dry without dew. The temperature of the suction pipe of the compressor is 35 million tons of electrolytic aluminum, and the backward capacity is not much close to the ambient temperature

5) check whether the heat pump air conditioner can reverse heating. If the conversion between cold and warm cannot be carried out, the thermostat or electromagnetic directional valve is invalid. This concession of electric heating type air conditioner is to adjust the high and low adjuster of the condenser. It is necessary to check whether the electric heating element works normally, that is, whether heating can be carried out

6) there should be no abnormal noise when the air conditioner is running. When the centrifugal fan and axial fan of the air conditioner operate normally, the high-speed and low-speed are distinct and the noise is low; When the compressor operates normally, the vibration is small and the noise is low. In case of loose installation of machine parts, loose screws, poor assembly of fan blades, compressor failure, etc., the noise of the air conditioner is large, with abnormal noises such as vibration, friction, collision, etc

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