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Endeavor Sany Lei Dongfeng: I participated in the manufacture of the first 37 meter pump truck

endeavor Sany Lei Dongfeng: I participated in the manufacture of the first 37 meter pump truck

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40 years of wind and rain. Some people say that the development history of Sany is a microcosm of the 40 years of reform and opening up. Spread out the enterprise picture scroll of these years, and write the story of Sany people's brave struggle. Looking back, the growth story of every ordinary employee is warm and powerful, which is worth tasting carefully

from now on, we will launch the column "striving for Sany people" to tell the story of reform and opening up and sany cause from the perspective of ordinary employees

Lei Dongfeng: I participated in the manufacture of the first 37 meter pump truck

I am 58 years old and have been employed in Sany for 21 years. Sany started with two factories and seized the opportunity of the times. From Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, whether it is facing up, it inserted an ordinary manufacturing enterprise and developed into an enterprise respected by the world. During this period, thorns and flowers coexisted. I am honored to be a witness and participant in this history. I participated in the manufacture of the first 37 meter pump truck, guided the machine processing technology research of pumping products from the 37 meter pump truck to the highest 86 meter pump truck, and made my own efforts to create the "world pump king". I am very proud of this

a "high paid" boring worker in that era

I am a boring worker, which is to operate the boring machine and carry out workpiece boring processing. Among all machining technologies, it is the most difficult to learn and the highest income. In order to learn this craft, in the early 1990s, I even took part in the study after 8 months off work

In 1997, I resigned from a factory in Xiangtan and joined Sany. At that time, it was mainly for "high wages", and the monthly income suddenly changed from 300 yuan to 1700 yuan

at that time, Changsha Industrial Park was full of barren mountains and wild mountains, with only two factories and 400 or 500 people. The equipment was probably two boring machines, three milling machines and four lathes. Sany at that time was far from today's Sany

now, there are more than 50 kinds of cutters and more than 20 kinds of boring machines in the whole Sany boring workshop. However, there is also an "antique" in the corner of the machining workshop. This old-fashioned 768 boring machine has a working surface of less than 5 square meters. In 1998, my colleagues and I completed the machining of the boom, turntable and fuel tank of Sany's first 37 meter pump truck on this machine

in 1999, Sany started the long arm pump truck project, but there was no equipment that could make the length of the long arm pump truck like that in foreign countries. My colleagues and I found a trailer, put up a jack on it, and then started it to synchronize with the equipment. It was simply "tyrant" who made the long arm pump truck

from 1999, when we made the first pump truck, to 2000, when we could make 50 pumps a month, and then to 2003, when we made 100 pumps a month, we made continuous progress under difficult conditions and were excited about every small breakthrough. In 2003, my monthly income was more than 5000 yuan, which was very "high salary" for workers at that time

listen to the sound to judge the walking state of boring cutter

since joining Sany, I have been mainly responsible for high-precision boring and deep hole processing of major and important parts of equipment. The bite degree between these large parts determines the output efficiency of the whole vehicle. The specification of each deep hole must be absolutely accurate, so that the pump truck can become a whole

however, the difficulty is also obvious. The high-strength steel used in the manufacture of pump trucks can withstand a high temperature of more than 600 degrees, the area of the nail cap can withstand a pressure of more than one ton, and can work stably for more than 100000 hours. This kind of material has high hardness and great processing difficulty. It is a great challenge to drill a hole in it. It requires not only continuous accumulation of experience and techniques, but also enough patience to master the know-how

for example, in 2014, when a new pump truck was produced, it was required to drill a through hole with a hole diameter of 120mm on the boom. The through hole is only one fist thick and thin, but the processing depth has reached 1.5 meters, and the ratio of the hole depth length of the pipe body to the hole length is more than 10 times, which was unprecedented in the whole industry at that time. Through self-made transformation of tooling and cutting tools, I developed special auxiliary support tooling to reduce machining vibration and solve the difficulties of product finishing process

highly flexible production is another challenge I encounter in my work. All kinds of special-shaped structural parts customized by customers can only be produced on a special boring machine. This equipment has no pole and axis, so it can only be operated by feeling and experience. It can be said that no matter which senior boring master, he can't eat it completely in three to five years

however, I have worked in Sany for many years and developed a set of unique skills. As long as you listen to the sound of the machine tool and the flow of sulfide oil, you can judge the state of the knife when it is walking and whether the machine tool operates normally; Looking at the shape of iron filings and the reading of ammeter, we can roughly judge the straightness and smoothness, as well as the distance and dimensional accuracy of the tool bar per minute, so we can often successfully complete the task

countless times of exploration and practice, countless times of customized inspection tools, and standardized inspection process. Through continuous improvement and correction, the quality of important parts such as the turret of Sany pump truck has been improved, and the qualified rate of delivery inspection has reached 99.9%, which can save more than one million yuan for the company every year. This is also a feature that plastic EVA does not have. Their work has been affirmed by the company leaders

2. Rubber tensile testing machine: the elongation of rubber or elastomer is relatively large. Every time I see the spectacular scene of Sany pump truck extending the red boom operation at major construction sites, I feel a sense of satisfaction. I can't help but NAG and introduce to people around me: "this is our production."

a "master Lei" is better than a thousand words

"keep improving, quality changes the world", which is not an empty word in Sany. As a manufacturer, I can deeply feel Sany's uncompromising demand for quality. In the early stage of enterprise development, our leaders smashed unqualified products. ③ we were shocked by the fact that all pendulum weights were added with emotion

the quality movement has never stopped in Sany. In 2008, the company launched a far-reaching "lean manufacturing reform", hoping to create "world-class quality products". In the words of chairman Liang Wengen, it is to "change the image of low-quality Chinese brands"

in 2008, I also began to gradually leave the front-line position and actively participated in the preparation and revision of the group's manufacturing reform post operation standards. During this period, the demand for industrial workers increased sharply, and training industrial workers became the specific practice of the company's concept of "helping employees succeed"

boring workers are known as the most difficult to learn among the "seven works", and the yield is relatively low. It takes one year to cultivate a boring worker who can take up his post. It is impossible to cultivate an excellent boring worker without five years of accumulation. In 2008, with the attention and support of the company's leaders, I began to compile more than 280 copies of post operation standards and boring safety operation procedures; In 2013, I presided over the preparation of boring technology manual and pumping manufacturing boring technology manual, which introduced the processing methods and key points from the aspects of processing technology and clamping measures of turret, turntable, hopper, boom, connecting rod, special-shaped products, etc., so as to provide strong technical support for the company's main large-scale machining

now, Sany has already entered the ranks of transformation to intelligent manufacturing, and the current process can be easily completed on the production line by pressing the button. I have also become a national technical examiner from an ordinary front-line technician, and have successively completed the certification and evaluation of boring skills of more than 1800 people, contributing to the cultivation of excellent young technicians for the enterprise and the industry. The young students' cry of "master Lei" made me feel "energetic"

Trinity in one day, Trinity in one life. I am grateful to Sany from the bottom of my heart. Without Sany, I would not be today. In the past 21 years, with the development and expansion of Sany, I have fully enjoyed the development and opportunities brought by the growth of Sany. I believe that in the future, many Sany people, including me, will grow up with Sany and gain more happiness in work and growth

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