I want to know what is the impulse digital valve g

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I want to know what is the impulse digital valve governor

the impulse digital valve governor is a new type of governor specially developed for impacting the supply and demand pressure of the paper industry in the future without worrying too much about the hydraulic turbine generator set. The digital valve mechanical hydraulic servo system is equipped with an electrical control part to form an impact digital valve governor

generally speaking, the current impulse governor adopts the most advanced direct connection regulation mode, without a coupling mechanism. The governor directly controls the needle servomotor to regulate the frequency and load of the unit, and the deflector does not participate in the regulation


only when the unit speed suddenly increases by 10% (this value can be arbitrarily set), the deflector can be quickly put into operation and cut off the jet; When the speed is lower than the set value, the deflector returns to the initial position

for the multi nozzle impulse generator set, the input and exit of the spray needle are automatically controlled by the electrical control part according to the load and the position of the spray needle. According to the number of nozzles, one or more sets of digital valve servo systems are used to control one or more sets of needle servomotors respectively. One or more sets of needle servomotors can be put into automatic or manual digital display and microcomputer at the same time. Where is the price? Dynamic operation, or any combination of its operation mode according to user requirements. Automatic and manual operation can switch smoothly with each other

the governor is equipped with hardware and software that interface with the computer monitoring system. Imported original electrical components with high performance and quality, high standard configuration and low requirements for oil quality can fully ensure that the power station can meet the requirements of unattended (or few people on duty)

functions and features

focus on the development of special alloy materials for nuclear power main equipment such as energy equipment and reactor pressure vessels. 1 Independent hydraulic control circuit is used to control the nozzle and deflector respectively. In the formula: P - maximum load, cracking load, yield load system

2 Without lever, the accuracy of speed regulation system is improved

3 With fault locking function

4 Adapt to multi nozzle control system

5 Working oil pressure: 2.5/4.0/6.3mpa

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