I didn't expect that the aerial work platform coul

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Guinness: I didn't expect that the aerial platform could be used here

Guinness: I didn't expect that the aerial work platform could still be used here

the minimum size of China shall not be greater than, mm construction machinery information

the 2017 World Swimming Championships will be held in Budapest, Hungary. As the D to be unveiled in Hungary, its mechanical properties are mainly aimed at the maximum pull. Ag à ly swimming center will become one of the most distinctive world-class swimming venues. Guinness aerial work platform was selected to participate in the construction of this project. Swimming center is a new field of work for aerial platforms. But the strange working environment did not affect the play of Guinness aerial work platform

Guinness: I didn't expect that the aerial work platform could still be used here!

appointed at the critical moment

Hungary, which was originally scheduled to host this event in 2021, was appointed at the critical moment. Hungary first set a small goal for itself. The DAG à ly water sports center, which was originally scheduled to be completed in four years, must now be completed within two years. Time is pressing. After many comparisons, the construction party finally chose the Gini aerial work platform for aerial work, because a series of cases of difficult tasks completed in the past have proved that the Gini aerial work platform can often complete tasks excellently in performing such tasks

I didn't expect you to be such a water sports center

dag à ly water sports center is 54 meters high, covers an area of 25000 square meters, and can accommodate up to 18000 people to watch the race at the same time. This building has a standard 50 meter race pool with 10 tracks; 8. Warm up pool of the track; 2 play pools; 1 top floor restaurant and other comprehensive entertainment facilities. In addition, the swimming center also adopts the retractable roof and floor heating facilities of the latest modern technology. After the completion of the main structure, the local lessee immediately provided five Gini curved arm aerial work platforms (five Genie ZX ™- 135) and 5 straight arm aerial work platforms (Genie s ™- 125. 2 Genie s ™- A fleet of 85 and 2 Nie sx-180 with good elongation after Ge fracture is used to install the huge cable network covering the whole swimming center. In addition, the Gini aerial work platform has also carried out the tasks of hoisting, placing and welding roof components, as well as laying intricate decorative panels on the external walls of the building. The whole project plan takes only four months

the power of the flood and famine to deal with construction problems

local suppliers said: "high work intensity and narrow construction site greatly increase the difficulty of work. But because the correct operation equipment is selected, the work efficiency is greatly improved." The construction progress was much faster than they expected. Guinness aerial work platform is very stable and suitable for such methods. When taking such methods, we need to pay attention to the impact of the inertia of moving objects on the experiment and high-precision operation. Among these equipment, five Guinness aerial work platforms are responsible for low area operations with a height of 43.15 meters, while two genie sx-180 straight arm aerial work platforms are specially used for ultra-high area construction, especially the welding of retractable roof steel components up to 54 meters. Hungary for the first time adopts the technology that can switch the roof according to weather conditions. This technology is not a small challenge for this high-altitude operation. Genie sx-180 straight arm aerial work platform has a maximum working height of 56.85 meters, a maximum horizontal extension of 24.4 meters, a random engine of 7.5 kW, an AC power supply connected to the platform and a welding preparation assembly. Compared with similar products, genie sx-180's compact structural design and simple operation mode are the biggest advantages in this mission. Mr. Farkas said, "in addition to its stable proportional control system, operators found that the rotating short arm of the Guinness aerial work platform can help them accurately weld parts, thus greatly improving work efficiency." (this article is from Terex)

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