I'll give you a piece of A4 paper for office. What

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Give you a piece of A4 paper for office. What will you do with it

what can a piece of A4 paper be used for? When we were young, we used it to make all kinds of planes, breathe in the nose, and whew out; When we grow up, we put A4 paper on our waist, first vertically and then horizontally, to identify whether it is A4 waist

paper, soft, smooth and flat, can be transformed into various images, books, photo paper, invoices, toilet paper, tickets, newspapers Today, let's talk about the most charming material. When it turns into architecture, what model will it be? Today, the consumption of aluminum materials for civil aircraft in the world is more than 70%

become a thin-walled part. Far away in Scotland, there is a young man named charles

young. He studied architecture at the Edinburgh Academy of art. Recently, he embarked on a new project to build a mini city called "paperholm"

this project lasted for a whole year, 365 days. Charles young would spend 30 minutes to 3 hours every day to make a mini building, number it and upload it to his own station


young adheres to watercolor paper as the raw material of construction, which not only ensures that the micro city has a unified appearance, but also makes use of the unique attributes of watercolor paper, "watercolor paper is heavy enough, has good flexibility and toughness, has better plastic effect, and the curve effect is more smooth." Production process

but Charles young is not satisfied with such static Mini buildings. He uses the technology of freeze frame photography to make them move, but in fact most buildings will not move

soon, young completed his own micro city building complex. Among the more than 400 works of young, there are many interesting small buildings full of imagination. When they shake slightly, they can sprout the small hearts of more than 100 different monomers that have been reported. Micro city

the mountain road here has eighteen bends ~ it is mainly used for the ring stiffness of cement pipes ≥ 10kn/㎡

lend me, lend me, a pair of eyes

reverse, please pay attention

for Japanese architect Sakamoto, paper architecture is the most real existence. Although Charles young is an architectural major, his mini architecture is not an urban planning project, but just an artistic exploration

Japanese architect

August 5, 1957

2014 Pritzker Architecture Award

paper can also become permanent, tough and durable. We should abandon prejudice—— Sakamoto

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