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Interview with Xia Linyan, operator of Wujiang "12345" call center yesterday, when she came to Wujiang "12345" convenience service center, Xia Linyan, operator, was answering a call from a citizen

, the citizen reported that he took 9 rabbits to the car and was rejected by the driver. He knew he was wrong, but he wanted to call and complain. While listening to the citizen's complaints, Xia Linyan told him the relevant regulations to calm his mood. According to the regulations, Xia Linyan didn't hang up until the citizen hung up

"every day we receive all kinds of information, including consulting services, problems, and some just complain." Xia Linyan told that all kinds of ups and downs were constantly receiving and hitting

there has never been a fixed holiday

in June 2010, the "12345" convenience service, which integrates the service resources of the government, society and market, was officially put into operation with high specific intensity and other characteristics, and has entered the life of Wujiang people since then

at that time, Xia Linyan, only 23 years old, entered the "12345" convenience service center and became one of the first telephone operators in the center. From then on, answering citizens, listening to citizens' complaints, and then calling relevant departments to request handling has become the main content of Xia Linyan's daily work

at present, Xia Linyan needs to answer more than 30 calls from citizens during working hours every day, and she also needs to call dozens of calls every day to contact relevant departments. Once the incident is handled, Xia Linyan also needs to give feedback to the citizens at the first time. According to the working schedule of the "12345" operator, Xia Linyan answered and dialed more than 10000 people in this year

"the work of the telephone operator is very boring and requires enough patience." Xia Linyan told that because "12345" is available 24 hours a day, she has a lot of time on the night shift, and there has never been a fixed holiday. In the convenience service center, there is a telephone operator's Brinell hardness tester for measuring Brinell hardness of workpieces with high hardness all the time for 365 days

don't let citizens wait for more than 20 seconds

for the professional quality of telephone operators, the center has high requirements, "Hello, please speak", "have a nice day, goodbye" these words are what Xia Linyan must say when answering every call from citizens

Xia Linyan introduced that according to the regulations, telephone operators must not say "no" when answering citizens; When addressing citizens, "you" must be used instead of "you"; After listening to the citizens' consultation, the telephone operator must check and find out the relevant information within 20 seconds, so that the citizens cannot wait in a hurry; When answering, the operator should not interrupt the citizens; We must wait until the citizens hang up voluntarily before the operator can hang up...

Fei Gongjian, director of the municipal convenience service center, told: "the reason why we are so strict with the operator is to create one miracle after another for Xinda. When citizens dial '12345', we can feel our attentive and smiling service through the voice of the operator."

Xia Linyan also told a story: since last year, a man often called "12345" after drinking too much at night or even in the middle of the night, and almost every operator received him. In, the man often vented recklessly, sometimes scolding very hard

according to the highest level in the past three years, the operator can't hang up actively, so every time the operator can only listen to the man complain, sometimes complain for nearly an hour, and the operator can't hang up until the man hangs up. The operators can only endure the grievances and depression of being scolded silently

answering is also a "knowledge job"

in the work of telephone operators, such complaints and vent calls are not uncommon, and sometimes Xia Linyan receives calls to express her gratitude. Last year, a citizen called to report that the sewer in the community was blocked. Xia Linyan immediately contacted the functional department after receiving the call. Before she had time to urge the functional department, the praise of the citizen had been hit the door

"listen to the demands of the people's livelihood at the first time, serve the people's life at the first time, and solve social contradictions at the first time" -- such a row of big characters are written on the wall of Xia Linyan's duty room

"as the first line of listening to the demands of people's livelihood, our telephone operators should maintain the same professional quality no matter what situation they face. They would rather suffer a little injustice than express their emotions to the citizens who call." Xia Linyan told me

in recent years, the resources for the integration of "12345" convenience services have been increasing, and various policies have been constantly updated, which also puts forward higher requirements for the work of telephone operators

"among all kinds of citizen calls, parents call to ask their children how to do their primary school math homework." Xia Linyan said with a smile, "this shows that our operator is really a 'knowledge job' to answer." For Xia Linyan, she is learning every day, and she wants to know something about what kind of knowledge

not long ago, Xia Linyan was rated as an advanced individual in Suzhou convenience service system. At the age of 25, Xia Linyan, a young "old telephone operator", devoted her best years to convenient services. Wujiang

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