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Introduce the glory smart screen x1. What is the difference between the old glory smart screen and the old one? Which is better?

compared with the old model, the main differences between the old model glory smart screen X1 and the old model glory smart screen are in color gamut, image quality, appearance, energy efficiency level, and sound. Let's take a look at the detailed differences

I. detailed differences between the glory smart screen X1 and the old one:

glory smart screen x1

1. Color gamut difference: the new glory smart screen X1 has a better color gamut than the old one

2. Image quality difference: in terms of image quality, the old smart screen supports HDR HLG dual HDR, and the new X1 only supports the marked HDR

3. Appearance difference: in terms of weight, the glory smart screen X1 is lighter, but in terms of body thickness, the old one is thinner

4 Energy efficiency grade: the new model adopts the three-level energy efficiency grade, the old model adopts the two-level energy efficiency, and the new X1 consumes more power

5. Sound: there is little difference between the two models in terms of sound quality, but the old 1.6L uses clean and kerosene soaked cotton yarn super large sound chamber to have more advantages

6. Check out more details about the configuration of this glorious smart screen x1.

II. Real experience of the glorious smart screen X1:

before buying, I compared several 55 inch models, and finally decided to place an order for this glorious x1. The facts have proved to be correct. Let's make a brief comment. Honghu 818 chip runs fast and can decode 8k30 frames of video. The image is clear and the color restoration is accurate. The screen has no bad points and no light leakage after being detected by the assistant. The sound effect of the four speaker configuration is good, which is comparable to that of the multimedia speaker. The metal base bracket is stable and reliable. The system 2+16 memory combination runs fast without jamming. In short, it is more cost-effective. It is recommended to buy

turn to more users to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages "for the reference of friends in need

III. Rongyao smart screen X1 JD event price:

JD event price: ¥ 2299.00

JD event quotation link:

tmall view the event quotation details", "P>

a lot of materials around can be developed and utilized

is really much better than the previous Xiaomi TV. You get what you pay for, and the design and workmanship are first-class, Under the situation that the innovation speed of international new materials is accelerating, the TV is clear, the sound quality is very three-dimensional, the bass is shocking, the same screen delay is low, and the key is to have direct video calls. You can share Huawei accounts. The whole family is proud of Huawei. Now the appliances are slowly replaced by Huawei, ha ha, Bang Da. It feels soft and my eyes are not so tired. And it doesn't need a cooler remote control. The artificial intelligence speech recognition function is very accurate and convenient. 2GB operation memory +32gb storage space, the whole machine has a very fast response speed, and the response speed is super fast. The delivery is fast, and the delivery installer installs it carefully

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