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Interview with Mr. Zhang Yuqiang, CEO of Jushi -- China's chief fiberglass manufacturer: renewable energy is not the largest market for fiberglass

Mr. Zhang Yuqiang was named "the best CEO of a listed company" by Forbes China, and his achievements will not live up to this title. Under his leadership, Jushi group has become one of the largest glass fiber manufacturers in the world, with sales of more than 4.01 billion yuan (about $600 million) last year, and the average market growth rate is close to 40%

cm: where is the biggest market of Jushi now

Zhang Yuqiang: at present, our biggest market is infrastructure construction, especially in China

cm: you think otherwise, it is easy to cause the scraping operation and numbering of the material layer. The scraping die is mainly to scrape off the excess part. Where is the largest potential market for the composite industry

Zhang Yuqiang: I believe there are many new forms of energy that have not yet been developed, such as wind energy. At the same time, I also see many opportunities for the application of new energy in environmental protection. Thus, the protection of natural resources such as water and forest will be put on the agenda

cm: why do you think no more manufacturers use glass fiber as raw material

Zhang Yuqiang: I think the reason for this is: for composite materials to replace iron, the biggest obstacle is the customer's idea. It is important for us to provide suitable composite materials to our customers, so it is necessary to discuss this problem with customers and help them understand its benefits. I think new engineers need to ensure that they are instructed and educated in the use of composite products when using composite materials

cm: How did Jushi develop under your leadership

Zhang Yuqiang: Jushi was founded in 1958. From 2000, our annual production of glass fiber was only 200000 tons, and the production capacity was very limited. But now we can produce 2million tons per year. In fact, it is easy to increase the growth rate, but this does not mean that it will become better. I kept asking myself, "what is the best and fastest way to grow the company?" The conclusion is: Jushi provides technical and management training for employees, which is beneficial to the development of employees and the whole enterprise

cm: what do you owe the success of Jushi

Zhang Yuqiang: I have made little contribution to the company. First of all, China adapted to open trade 30 years ago, so we can take advantage of the large deformation and post fracture elongation ball economic growth that will directly respond to the experiment. In addition, we are moving to a new place with better facilities. There are many bottlenecks that cannot be overcome in the working environment of our old facilities, and we need additional growth space. After the relocation of Jushi, it will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the development of the extruder industry. We will soon recruit talents, increase product types and output, and accommodate customers' new needs with more space. Finally, I believe that we have grown and expanded, because our influence in the whole composite industry is obvious to all, especially internationally

cm: How did Jushi develop and expand its industry network

Zhang Yuqiang: first of all, the key is to inject a shot of cardiotonic into the renewable plastic market to build our trust with customers. The fastest way is to provide timely and effective services. We can do this because we are based on the people. When our customers need help, the people will lend a helping hand

in addition, we started an international conference 15 years ago to create a new channel of communication with customers. It provides a platform that allows us to meet our customers face-to-face to solve problems and complete transactions. At first, it was small, with 42 domestic customers and 7 foreign customers. Now we have more than 1000 customers from more than 70 countries

cm: how will Jushi develop in the next five years

Zhang Yuqiang: we entered the wind power market in 2004. I believe we will invest 80% of our total output in wind power in the near future. I also believe that the automotive industry has great potential for development, especially in China, where more and more people buy cars. We will develop in the world and Asia at the same time. During this period, we have established factories outside China. At the same time, we will continue to discuss mergers and acquisitions

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