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Entering Weihai Xiangyun home service call center

12349, the simple digital combination has now brought great convenience to the lives of Weihai citizens, especially the elderly. The Xiangyun home service call center in our city has been on trial since June 8. It mainly relies on the community network and takes the Heluo service as the platform to integrate social service resources related to residents' lives and provide efficient, high-quality and convenient services for citizens. Just dial 12349, the elderly can enjoy various services such as housekeeping, elderly care, medical treatment, government information and so on without leaving home. On the afternoon of the 21st, the party newspaper went to Weihai to watch the civilized activities, walked into the Xiangyun home service call center, and shared with 8 participants the real feeling of gently dialing and door-to-door service

members of the experience group listen to the explanation in the home service center. Photo by Xia Zhizhong

6994 registered citizens

entering Xiangyun home service call center, 20 staff members with earphones were waiting in front of the computer, constantly answering citizens' inquiries and ready to provide services to residents at any time. The home service call center mainly takes the Heluo service as the platform. After citizens receive the wireless terminal of the call platform, they dial 12349 at home, and the terminal is automatically connected to the central network. The staff of the center will provide services for citizens 24 hours a day. The service items of our call center include family services, elderly care services, medical services, maintenance services and community shopping guides. Sunxiaohua, the director of the call center, introduced to the experience group that the call center has attracted many businesses and institutions to join. The staff registered all incoming users, businesses and institutions in advance, so as to provide more accurate services for callers

then, the call center staff began to demonstrate the call service process to the experimenters. Sun Xiaohua dialed 12349 with the wireless terminal in his hand. Hello, I want a bucket that is large and the test speed is too fast or too slow, which will cause the test result to be different from that of a bucket of water. Then, a flashing red dot appeared on the urban map of the large screen of the call center, and a business window immediately popped up on a computer screen, showing the specific information of the caller. After receiving sun Xiaohua's information, the staff immediately searched out the franchisee nearest to sun Xiaohua's location. You see, after I dialed the service, my location was immediately marked on the big screen. According to my needs, the staff will notify the merchant to provide door-to-door service after finding the nearest merchant. Sun Xiaohua explained

this is really convenient. We elderly people are most afraid to go shopping. The road is long and the things are heavy. Every time we go to the supermarket to buy a bag of noodles, we are very tired. If you get sick, it's more troublesome to go out, you're too tired to walk, and you can't afford to take a taxi. It's really tangled. Experienced by Cong Meiling, a community resident of northwest village of huancuilou sub district office, said with deep feeling

treat the elderly with enthusiasm. We have all received customer service training before taking the post. Chen Jun, a staff member, said that the center would receive 100 to 200 inquiries every day, and the staff would listen patiently and carefully every time and answer. To ensure service quality, the center will pay a return visit to residents after businesses and institutions provide services, and businesses and institutions with unqualified services will be eliminated

we also filled out this form! When Zhou Meiling, the experimenter, saw the registration form on the table, she said in surprise that we can also enjoy such convenient services in the future. According to reports, since the trial implementation of the center on June 8, 6994 residents and 1336 elderly people over the age of 60 have received the wireless terminal of the call platform. In order to better serve the public, the call center has constantly enriched and improved its service areas, and there are 522 franchised service institutions at present. In the next step, we will popularize call services in Huancui District, so that more elderly people can enjoy a convenient life. Sun Xiaohua said

Cong Peirong, from Chaoyang community of Jingyuan sub district office, said that life has been much more convenient since the wireless terminal of the call platform of the home service call center was installed at home. When she is unwell and concentrates on canceling the "ground steel" clothes, which have plagued the development of the industry for many years, she no longer has to go to the market and supermarket to buy vegetables by herself; When she wants to clean the house comprehensively, as long as she has one, she can quickly find someone to clean it up; When the door lock at home is broken, the end of the help will arrange a proper person to come to the door for service

there is a phone in congpeirong's home: in addition to having the same shape and function as ordinary phones with special requirements for many users, it has two more very eye-catching buttons. This is the 12349 terminal phone specially equipped for the elderly in Huancui District. You can get through 12349 with one click, but the purpose is different. The green key is usually used to ask for a bucket of water, and the red key is urgently used when there is something wrong with the body. Congpeirong said

at the same time, the wireless terminal is also attached with a whistle like SOS remote control. Can this hang around your neck? Lin Cuilan, the experimenter, asked. Of course, in some special cases, such as when the elderly suddenly feel uncomfortable when going to the toilet, they directly press the red emergency button hanging around their neck, and the call center will know the information of the caller at the first time and provide rescue services in time. Cong Peirong said that the call center will ask about the caller. If you can call, the center will inform your relatives according to the registration information. If you can't call, the center will provide nearby services

with call service, even if our children are not around, we can rely on them, and the children can rest assured when working outside. This is indeed the gospel of our new generation of elderly people. Congpeirong sighed

do you need to pay for joining the service network? how much does it cost per month? Experimenter Yu Cuihua raised questions about the cost. Our call center is free for the elderly over the age of 60. In the next step, we will mainly promote it in Huancui District. The elderly within Huancui District can apply to their communities with their ID cards and household register, and a certain fee will be charged for citizens under the age of 60. Sun Xiaohua said


to create a national civilized city is not only to improve the urban environment of Weihai, but also to let all citizens share the achievements of civilization by improving public service facilities. 12349 home service call center is an important embodiment of the people-oriented feelings of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. Since the two months of trial implementation, more than 6000 people have been registered, and more than 500 service institutions have been registered. With a wide range of coverage and many types of services, it has been widely recognized by residents. For a long time, the issue of providing for the aged has been a hot topic of social concern. I hope relevant departments can further explore and innovate, provide more convenience for the elderly, make their life more exciting, and make the city more harmonious and livable by establishing and improving mechanisms and systems and increasing supporting facilities. Zhang Lihua

voice of the people

resident Wang Yan: Weihai is a city suitable for human habitation. The blue sea, fresh sea breeze and clean air are all very beneficial to the health of the elderly. To build a modern and happy Weihai and a civilized city, the residents' life happiness index is an important evaluation content. After the establishment of the home service call center, the figures of 12349 have brought good news to the lives of the elderly and the general public. From the police to the neighborhood committee, and then to the home service call center, residents' lives have changed dramatically, which is the embodiment of urban civilization and progress. It is hoped that the home service call center can further expand its coverage and allow more residents to enjoy convenient and efficient services

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