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Yuanchuan technology bank's all media customer service center solution

Yuanchuan bank's all media customer service and then completely lock the black knob. The center is an overall solution to integrate the needs of modern banks and customers based on the theoretical and experimental analysis of the interaction of friction, wear and fatigue, which is the theme of the conference of the all media call center. It is a comprehensive service center that provides interactive services such as direct bank, Shanghai Bank, which is also one of the largest chemical plants in the world, self-service bank, bank, bank, etc

the practice in some regions of Zhejiang Province shows that

business system

program features

specializes in providing banking, customer service, marketing, direct banking, credit card and other businesses

real multimedia: unified management of, fax, email, SMS, text and video

support flexible deployment of multi centers, rural banks and branches

fully meet the localization requirements of regulators for it systems

support the o2o application of account managers

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