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Intel AI cooperates with Rolls Royce to develop self piloting cargo ships

Intel AI cooperates with Rolls Royce to develop self piloting cargo ships

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original title: British bite strength testing machine Intel AI cooperates with Rolls Royce to develop self piloting cargo ships

Rolls Royce will build a complex and intelligent ship system product line in it Add ships that can realize full automatic navigation in the column, making commercial ships more safe and efficient. The self piloting cargo ship adopts Intel ® xeon ® AI technology provided by scalable processors and using Intel ® 3D NAND solid state disk for data storage

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"the key to the delivery of these systems is data processing - transmitting and storing massive amounts of data, which is Intel's strength. Rolls Royce is an important innovation driver in the shipbuilding industry, and we are working with it to make global shipping safer."

-- Lisa Spelman, vice president of Intel data center business department and general manager of Intel Xeon products and data center marketing, cooperation mode: the self piloting cargo ship is equipped with a special server based on Intel Xeon extensible processor, which turns the ship into a leading-edge floating data center with strong computing power and artificial intelligence reasoning ability. Rolls Royce's intelligent sensing system adopts sensor fusion supported by artificial intelligence, and supports decision-making by processing data from lidar, radar, thermal imager, HD camera, satellite data and weather forecast. This data allows the ship to understand its surrounding environment, and even in a busy port, it can detect objects several kilometers away, so as to improve safety. This is particularly important in the case of night operation, bad weather or channel congestion

the data collected by the ship is stored using Intel 3D NAND solid-state disk, which can act as a "black box" and can properly store the data for training and analysis after the ship stops. During a month long voyage, even after compression, the data captured by each ship can reach 1TB per day or TB per month, which makes storage a key component of intelligent solutions

"this cooperation is conducive to our development of technology to support ship owners to realize navigation and operation automation, reduce human errors, and enable the crew to concentrate on more valuable tasks." Kevin daffey, director of engineering technology and ship intelligence of Rolls Royce, said, "in short, this project cannot be implemented without the leading technology provided by Intel. Together with Intel, we can unite strong forces to jointly change the global ship industry."

importance: 90% of Global trade activities are achieved through international shipping, and this ratio is expected to increase. Among about 100000 ships in the world, about 25000 use the equipment of Rolls Royce, which also makes the company an important participant in the shipping industry

the sea can sometimes become very dangerous - in the past 10 years, poor marine conditions have led to 1129 ship accidents, most of which are caused by human error. In order to better navigate and detect obstacles and dangerous environments in real time, the crew must have enough information to support them to make wise decisions, which may help them survive. These systems can also avoid potential human errors through the automation of routine tasks and processes, so that the crew can free up energy to make key decisions

in addition, the system can potentially reduce the ship's insurance premium, because 3D NAND solid-state disk properly stores the data of the ship that is qualified, and the green word "qualified" is displayed. Therefore, it can provide valuable data when looking for the causes of ship collision and other problems

this technology has been put into use. In a recent test in Japan, Rawls calculated according to formula (3); • Royce showed that these ships can even detect the surrounding environment at night, which is far unmatched by human eyes

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