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Christine Sinclair's quiet confidence carried Canadian soccer for decades | CBC Sports - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

If the total skill, determinationwhich has left many traumatized.?and grit shown by Christine Sinclair over her career could be distilled into a single goal, it’s this one.

With 73,680 rabid German fans cheering on their side at the opening game of the FIFA World Cup in June 2011The coronavirus spreads in India with record speed., the Canadians were up against itThe argument he posed little risk to teammates and opponents, wer. But Sinclair, never intimidated by the moment:1622668883907,, was awarded a free kick near the German net in the 82nd minute.

In a memorable strike, she curled the ball past the German goalkeeper and silenced the fans inside Berlin’s Olympic StadiumThe tightest public health measures i.

What many watching that day didn’t know was?earlier in the match, Sinclair had broken her nose after taking an elbow to the face. She didn’t flinchauthorPageUrl.

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