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There are several kinds of putty used in decoration. The most common ones are gypsum based putty, cement-based putty, old glue powder, etc. which one is better? Let's know:

there are several kinds of putty used in decoration. The most common ones are gypsum based putty, cement-based putty, old glue powder, etc. which is better? We know the following: 1. Gypsum based putty the main function of wall putty is to fill the wall base, protect the wall, beautify the building and environment, and improve the physical performance of wall facing materials. It is also relatively special. Gypsum putty can be used by adding water and stirring without using glue. It is very environmentally friendly and will not crack or peel

at present, there are few applications of gypsum putty, mainly because people do not fully recognize the performance advantages of this material, and little work has been done on its research. However, by adding functional additives to gypsum based putty, the functionality of putty film, such as hygroscopicity and anion release function, has been paid attention to and there are many studies. Because China is rich in gypsum resources, natural materials without any environmental harm, and because the room can produce moisture absorption and permeability, compared with the organic coatings widely used at present, it can produce good health effects and excellent decorative effects. Therefore, the application research of decorative gypsum based putty should be strengthened

2. Cement based putty cement-based putty has good workability, water resistance, high bonding strength, not easy to aging, good hydrophobicity and permeability, but the cost is high, and the real drying of cement-based putty takes 7 months, while gypsum based putty only takes 3-5 days. Therefore, gypsum base is better than cement base in terms of constructability and appearance after construction

3. Cooked gum powder cooked gum powder is made by drying potato starch after special modification. It is a kind of modified starch. Cooked rubber powder is its trade name. Because it dissolves in cold water, it is named cooked rubber powder. At present, the common cooked rubber powder in the market is esterified and etherified modified starch. This product can dissolve in cold water, has strong adhesion, is non-toxic and tasteless. It is a kind of green and environmental friendly adhesive, and is widely used in putty rubber powder for interior wall treatment in the construction industry

usage of cooked rubber powder: after adding powder, it can be used as concrete wall ash, making the wall smooth, without cracks in dry weather and mildew in wet weather. It is a very environmentally friendly decoration product

advantages of cooked rubber powder: the special fluffy property can be well mixed with the powder, and it is not heavy, with good water retention. It can better extend the opening time, and allow the construction personnel to easily level the wall surface. The unique smoothness of starch can greatly reduce the construction intensity, increase the construction area, and improve the construction environment

● summary: gypsum based putty, cement-based putty, old glue powder, etc. are common putty types in home decoration. They are all good putty, and each has its own characteristics and advantages. However, now many decorators recommend using gypsum based putty, and you can also choose according to the actual situation of your own home




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