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Problems that should be paid attention to in the decoration of the study:

I. internal pattern: the space in the study mainly includes collection area, reading area and rest area. For the study of 8-15 square meters, the collection area is suitable to be arranged along the wall, the reading area is arranged by the window, and the rest area occupies the rest corner. For the large study with an area of more than 15 square meters, the layout is much more flexible. For example, the circular rotatable bookshelf is located in the center of the study, there is a large rest area for many people to discuss, or there is a small reception area. The desk is one of the basic furniture in the study. The single desk is generally placed close to the windowsill to ensure sufficient sunlight. The chair of the study is a necessary furniture, generally choose rattan chair, folding chair or swivel chair, movable chair, etc. The distance between the chair and the desk should be about 33cm from the eyes to the desktop. The bookcase is the main object in the study, which is usually placed behind the chair against the wall for easy access to books and supplies. The main furniture in the study is bookshelf, bookcase, desk and chair or sofa. According to the physiological calculation of normal human body in China, the height of writing desk should be 750-780mm, taking into account the activity area of legs under the table; The clear height under the table is required to be no less than 58omm. The seat should be matched with the writing desk, with moderate height, soft and comfortable. If conditions permit, it is best to buy a swivel chair. The general height of the seat should be 380-450mm to facilitate people's activity needs. For desks used by children under 14 years old, the table top should be at least 600mmx500mm and the height should be 580-710mm. The seats should also be matched. The height of the desktop for adult men to write and read should preferably be 68 ~ 70cm, and that for adult women should be 66 ~ 68cm. Considering various factors, the desktop height of the writing desk should be about 70cm. Furniture that does not conform to the human body scale will increase people's sense of fatigue. It is better not to use the desk used in the office building for the home desk, because it may not coordinate with other furniture. Generally, a single desk can use a 600mmxll00mm table top, with a table height of 710-750mm. The distance from the table top to the bottom of the drawer should not exceed 125mm, otherwise, you will bump your feet when you get up. At the desk against the wall, a 100mm light slot can be set 450mm away from the table top, on which a bookcase or bookshelf is used. In this way, when writing, the light tube cannot be seen, but the table top has sufficient light. The choice of worktable: first of all, it depends on the type of work you do. The situation that you can work in a laptop space is obviously different from ” Spread the battlefield ” The kind of large workbench. If you work full-time, then you need a fixed large worktable, and for a half-day worker, what he needs may be a temporary worktable, which can be used or hidden by him when not in use. Style is another factor that should be considered, especially when your office area belongs to the living area. Fixed desk: if you want to have a permanent home office and need a larger table, you'd better choose a fixed desk. The shape can be unrestrained, or built along the wall, with the help of the corner, or made into a part of the room decoration. If you need to put some heavy big guys on your desk, make sure the legs are strong enough. Ergonomic radian: the curved workbench with smooth lines makes you feel not only a happy and lively atmosphere, but also everywhere you work “ Within reach ”. From an economic point of view, you can even make your own MDF. Fixed L-shaped workbench: it is most suitable for use as a computer desk. It is built according to the corner of the wall and makes full use of natural light. The host and accessories of the computer can be hidden under the stage, and the seat can also move freely in the working area. Reach: sit in front of the workbench, stretch out your arms, and make sure that the things you often use, such as telephones, keyboards, daily documents, etc., are within the reach of your hands. For most people, sitting is generally within a radius of 75 cm (29.5 inches) centered on the body. Corner of the desk (right): the choice of corner of the desk is very important. It should not only look beautiful, but also pay attention to safety. Sharp or uneven corners are easy to damage your body, clothes or office appliances. Most office table manufacturers offer at least three choices for the corner style of the table: right angle, bull nose, or waterfall. Right angle type: the most common choice, but sharp, the edge of the right angle is easy to cause damage and will cut the rubber cable. Bull horn type: the more round corner looks like a bull's nose, so as the name suggests, it is unlikely to hurt or scratch your arm. Waterfall type: the edge with slope is like a waterfall falling into the water, which is not easy to cause damage, but it is easier to scratch than bull horn type. The development of information industry has expanded the study in the family from the traditional reading, writing, painting and other personalized functional space to the scope of modern home office or studio, which has a certain social significance. Therefore, the furniture and equipment of the study should take into account professional characteristics and personal hobbies. 2、 Lighting: the study should try to occupy a room with a good orientation, and its natural lighting is more important than the bedroom. Reading is to cultivate one's temperament, and it is best to blend with nature. The position of the desk is closely related to the position of the window. First, we should consider the angle of light, and second, we should consider avoiding the glare of the computer screen. The lamp in the study is not the key point. Install a ceiling lamp on the plain and clean flat roof in the room. The key equipment is the desk lamp on the desk and the standing lamp beside the sofa. The color temperature K value of the indoor light source should be controlled within the range of 3300-5300, and the color rendering property should be 80. Artificial lighting mainly grasps the principles of brightness, uniformity, nature and softness, without adding any color, so it is not easy to fatigue. Local lighting shall be provided for key parts. If it is a bookcase with a door, you can hide a lamp in the laminate to facilitate the search of books. If it is an open bookshelf, a spotlight can be installed above the ceiling for local lighting. Desk lamp is very important. It's best to choose a lamp that can adjust the angle and brightness. When reading, you can increase the comfort. 3、 Ventilation: there are more and more electronic equipment in the study. If the room is airtight, the heat dissipation of the machine will make the air dirty and affect your health. Therefore, we should ensure that the air convection in the study is smooth, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the machine. Similarly, placing green plants, such as evergreen, asparagus and Chlorophytum comosum, can also achieve the purpose of clean air. Because there are computers, books, etc. in the study, the temperature in the room should be controlled between 10~30 ℃. The use of some machines also has certain requirements for temperature. For example, computers are not suitable to be placed in places with high temperature, that is, near windows with direct sunlight, under the air outlet of air conditioners, near heaters, etc. 4、 Decoration material and color: the study wall is more suitable for matte coating, and the wallpaper and wallpaper are also suitable, because it can increase the mute effect, avoid glare, and make the mood less affected by the environment. It is best to choose carpets on the ground, so that even if you pace up and down when thinking about problems, there will be no annoying noise. The key point of color is to be soft and calm. It is best to give priority to cold colors, such as blue, green, gray purple, etc., and try to avoid jumping and contrasting colors. The color of the study can also be concise and quiet, mostly milky white and light yellow. Modern study can also be decorated with some warm colors. Greening flowers should be properly configured in the study to add some natural flavor to the environment. You can also rest your eyes and regulate your spirit. The walls of the study are mostly decorated with paint and wallpaper. One wall can also be made into a Bogu frame or wood decoration to display the owner's collection, bonsai, etc. a small amount of calligraphy and paintings can be hung on the wall to highlight the meaning of the study. The walls of modern study are decorated with straw mats, bamboo and wall paintings or stone walls. 5、 Choice of accessories: the study is the place with the strongest cultural atmosphere in the home. There should be not only all kinds of books, but also many collections, such as paintings, sculptures and handicrafts, which can be decorated to create a strong cultural atmosphere. Many articles themselves, if properly selected, are also a good decoration. The artworks, handicrafts and natural scenery in the study can reflect the owner's interest and cultivation. The hanging pictures on the wall can be used as wall decoration and reflect the elegance of the owner. Small decorations such as paintings, photos, painting plates and ceramics can be used to decorate bookshelves, but they should not be too miscellaneous, so as not to dominate. Bonsai or flower decorations can be placed in the corner of the study, beside the cabinet or on the ground next to the sofa, preferably 1-2 plants, in order to achieve an elegant and quiet effect. Bonsai should choose pine, cypress, iron tree and other short branches. Plants that are evergreen, not easy to wither and easy to grow are better. In fact, the book in the study itself is the most representative display, which can best show the owner's habits, hobbies, tastes and expertise. It is a real and personalized display. Proper use of some calligraphy and painting works of art and potted greening in the study can decorate the environment, adjust people's mood, integrate the indoor environment with the outdoor environment, make people feel vibrant, and stimulate people's enthusiasm for learning. 6、 Arrangement of books: most people who like reading have a rational side and pay attention to order. In the face of a large number of books, how to hide without chaos? You can divide the bookcase into many grids, classify all the books, and then put them in their places. In this way, when you want to see them, according to the classification order, you can save the trouble of looking for books everywhere. If you have too many books, you might as well make the bookcase higher and take it with the help of a small escalator. If there are many books in your home, you can design a sliding door or a curtain for the bookcase as decoration, which is not only beautiful, but also can block messy books. Books don't have to be placed in the book lattice. You can occasionally insert some charming trinkets to adjust the atmosphere and realize the pursuit of beauty. What we need to pay attention to when designing the decoration of the study is to choose those decorative materials with good sound insulation and absorption effects. People generally require a quiet environment in the study. 7、 Feng Shui in the study does not mean that we are superstitious, but the traditional habits of Chinese people, and we should also consider the requirements of the owner. The layout of the study emphasizes the placement of desks. Feng Shui believes that if the desk or study is located in Wenchang (Wenqu star), it can contribute to learning. The so-called “ Wenchang Fang ” It refers to the position where Wenqu star flies. In other words, the position where Wenqu star flies is Wenchang square. However, there are two points that should be paid attention to. First, using Wenchang position is a kind of help. If you don't study hard, even if you put your desk in Wenchang star position, it won't help; Second, although wenchangxing can help improve academic performance, it will not increase people's IQ. Therefore, even with the help of wenchangxing, low-energy people will not achieve much. Position the desk in “ Indoor pattern Feng Shui method ” The following principles should be followed: (1) the desk should not face the door, but the door. The door is facing, and the outside is the Mingtang. In this way, the master is clear headed, but he must not be rushed by the door. Breaking the door and rushing, the master's mind is not concentrated and his spirit is poor, which leads to poor exam results, while adults are prone to make mistakes in their work, etc. (2) The desk should not be too close to the bed. (3) Do not press the beam on the chair. Two seats should be seated behind the back, with the wall as the back, which was called Leshan in ancient times. This arrangement is favored by the LORD: children in school,





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