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Qijia picture show: simple and elegant boska ceiling

[netizen] princesssiris (decoration cat)

[ceiling & Yuba] boska ceiling

measurement: boss Du & Master Wu

Design: bosega CC

delivery: boss Du

installation: Master Wu

let's talk about the Yuba installation that students are most concerned about. As long as your electrician's wiring is standard, bosega's installer will help you connect the Yuba. The installer said that due to the different skills of each electrician, some people's electricity discharge is quite non-standard, and the electrician himself can't distinguish between the zero line and the live line. In this case, installing Yuba is quite dangerous and will burn the machine out. If the wiring is standardized, every bosega ceiling installer will install the Yuba

now let's get to the point and talk about my purchase and installation process

I ordered boska ceiling at the group purchase meeting on November 21. Before long, bosega called and arranged measurement. Because I was not at home on the day of measurement, I was immediately flattered to hear the installer say that he and the boss came together to measure ~

then my designer bosega CC, that efficiency is high! Whether it is drawing or modification, it is always sent to my mailbox at the first time. And I will be notified by phone after the modification, which makes me very satisfied

on November 28, I selected the color of the board at the group purchase meeting. The bathroom is ivory white, and the kitchen is equipped with a raspberry board that matches the moonlight goddess picture

generally speaking, the ceiling of boska is delivered the first day and installed the next day. Because I don't want to take up more valuable annual leave, and there are still some tiles in my kitchen that haven't been pasted, so I made an appointment for delivery on December 6 and installation on December 10. By the way, I would like to remind students who intend to choose boska ceiling. It is best to make an appointment 4 days in advance ~

in the morning of December 6, I received a call from boska to confirm whether there is anyone at home, and I will send materials 45 minutes later. After about half an hour, someone rang the doorbell. When I opened the door, it turned out that boss Du personally delivered the goods. He ran up and down three times and sent all the installation materials to my house. I also took a look at our kitchen and bathroom conditions and took care of what we should pay attention to. I was surprised to ask how the boss delivered the goods himself. He said that another delivery master was busy, so he came by himself. Before leaving, he also said that he forgot to bring the warranty card. Next time, let the installer bring it with him

On December 10, I specially asked for a day of annual leave to see the ceiling installation. At 8:30 in the morning, a master called me and said he had arrived. At that time, I just got on the subway, and the decoration workers at home were not there. I was very embarrassed and shut Master Wu out of the door for half an hour. After entering the door, he didn't complain, but also helped me install it with a smile. He told me that he didn't bring a warranty card because he installed a guest from Pudong yesterday, then lived in a friend's house and didn't go back to the company. He said that he would deliver it to me next time. I said it's okay. I'll go to the group buying site on December 12 and get it

install it until noon, Master Wu went down to have lunch, and then continued to install it until 14:30 p.m., and finally it was done

after communicating with my carpenter about the TV background wall, LG and I went home at 4 p.m. Not far away, my cell phone rang. It's boss bosega Du. He said he would send me a warranty card. He was coming and asked if there was anyone in my family. He also drove himself for the warranty card. It really moved me





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