The global demand for bioplastics will reach 96000

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In 2017, the global demand for bioplastics will reach 960000 tons

according to the US Plastics News, the market consulting agency Frey has established the first polycarbonate b/c column production line in the Asia Pacific region. The Research Report "world bioplastics" released by Donia company says that the global demand for bioplastics and bio renewable plastics will increase by 19% every year and reach 960000 tons by 2017

Kent Furst, an analyst in Freedonia, said: "basically all regional markets will see steady growth in demand." The most likely driving factors include the growing consumer preference for sustainable materials. However, plastic processors and composite producers are using more bioplastics, and new product development has brought more new uses to bioplastics

however, although the demand will now increase, friedonia believes that by 2022, bioplastics will still account for less than 1% of the total plastic market. Furst predicted that "the success of the bioplastics industry will ultimately depend on price and performance factors, and large-scale bioplastics production can only occur when the price of bioplastics is close to that of traditional plastic resins."

it is expected that the increasingly stringent regulations on the daily use of plastic products will promote the increase in the market demand for starch based bioplastics. However, common plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene, which have just been commercialized, are expected to show the fastest growth in demand

in 2012, Western Europe was the regional market with the largest consumption of plastics for tensile, compression and bending tests of biological samples, with a consumption of 212000 tons, accounting for more than half of the total global demand

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