The global automobile supercharger market will rea

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By 2025, the global automotive supercharger market will reach US $10.95 billion

the main factors driving the growth of the automotive supercharger market are the strict fuel efficiency specifications introduced by governments of various countries, the original equipment manufacturers committed to engine scale reduction and the increase in disposable income, which lead to the increase in sales of high-end vehicles

2hb 5287 ⑴ 996 decadent experimental method for axial loading of metal data in 2017, gasoline engine vehicles accounted for the most in the automotive supercharger market, and the organization implemented a large share of the special project of major short board equipment. This is because gasoline engines do not produce exhaust gases from diesel engines. The supercharger of the gasoline engine is connected with the engine crankshaft through a belt. Therefore, with the increase of engine speed, the supercharger driven by gasoline engine also increases the power of the vehicle, which avoids the problem of turbine hysteresis in diesel driven vehicles. In 2017, roots supercharging technology accounted for the largest market share

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roots supercharging technology is a tested and reliable forced supercharging technology mainly including cylindrical force sensor, spoke force sensor, double hole sensor, 10 beam sensor and other types. Therefore, roots supercharger has the largest market. An updated version of roots supercharging technology is twin-screw technology, which uses screws instead of rotors. However, the latest supercharging technology is centrifugal technology, which has the characteristics of simple structure, high efficiency and low maintenance cost. Therefore, there will be a significant increase in centrifugal technology in the future

the growth of automotive supercharger market in North America will be driven by the growth of gasoline engine vehicle production, the reduction of engine scale, government regulations on fuel efficiency and the growth of disposable income. The report introduces the major players in the automotive supercharger market, including Honeywell (USA), Eaton (Ireland), Valeo (France), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan), huimen (USA), Ishikawa Heavy Industries (Japan), Paxton (USA), a & a Corvette (USA), vortex Engineering (USA), rotrex (Denmark) and aeristech (UK)

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