The global crane market is expected to reach 54% b

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By 2024, the global crane market is expected to reach $54.3 billion

by 2024, the global crane market is expected to reach $54.3 billion

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by 2018, the global crane market will reach $42.2 billion. The construction and infrastructure industry is the global lifting industry in 2018. In fact, this is often the main driving factor for the development of the machine market misunderstood by quite a few people. It is expected that from 2019 to 2024, the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4%, and the market value is expected to reach US $54.3 billion

according to the latest report global crane Market: global industry trends, market share, scale, growth, opportunities and annual forecast released by imarc group, the global crane market price in 2018 was about US $42.2 billion

crane is a kind of engineering machinery used for lifting and transporting heavy objects. The test principle adopted is still the pulse ofo founder David said that the impulse reflection method is applied to the loading and unloading of goods in the transportation industry and the assembly of heavy equipment in the manufacturing industry. Before that, the crane was manually driven by workers, using pulleys and ropes to lift objects. Today, advanced Cranes use hydraulic and internal combustion engine systems to provide greater lifting capacity. There are a variety of construction cranes on the market, including overhead cranes, truck mounted cranes and mobile cranes, which are used to build various structures from high-rise office buildings to modular residential buildings. According to demand, construction and industry have become the largest market for crane services, followed by mining, oil and gas industries

governments have invested a lot of money in developing their own infrastructure, such as roads, airports, railways, commercial space and housing facilities. Especially in India and China, the intelligent cities under construction also increase the demand for cranes. In addition, the development of crane technology will have a positive impact on the growth of the global crane market. For example, Indian manufacturers have introduced special-purpose cranes that can quickly remove overburden from tunnel or shaft excavation when used in hydropower projects

in addition, the manufacturer has also introduced a novel mobile crane, which is compact and easy to assemble. Looking into the future, the market scale of cranes is expected to be 20241 Automatic shutdown: the value of the sample reaches US $54.3 billion annually after fracture, and the compound annual growth rate during the year is about 4%

it is subdivided into mobile cranes, marine and port cranes and fixed cranes according to types. At present, mobile crane is the main part in the market, occupying the largest market share. The Asia Pacific region is a leader in the global crane market. Other major regions include Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. The global crane manufacturing enterprises' innovation in products and technology and strong competition are also promoting the expansion of the market

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