The general rules for limiting excessive packaging

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The general rule of restricting excessive packaging of commodities has been approved. The triple felony of excessive packaging is to waste a lot of resources, endanger the increasingly severe living environment and scarce resources, and run counter to the main purpose of building an energy-saving society advocated by China

the second crime is that at present, the recovery rate of packaging waste in China is very low. It has become the main source of urban waste by adopting nylon 66 production and various auto parts that can be used for cooling system, oil management, power transmission system, tire cord fabric and electronic components

the third crime, that is, excessive packaging, has also contributed to the trend of gift giving among consumers, breeding corruption and polluting the social atmosphere

excessive packaging of goods makes consumers complain incessantly and wastes a lot of resources and energy. However, due to the lack of packaging standards, the phenomenon of excessive packaging continues despite repeated prohibitions. A few days ago, the compulsory national standard of the general rules for restricting excessive packaging of commodities passed the examination and approval of the review committee. The standard puts forward the basic requirements, limit requirements and calculation methods for restricting excessive packaging of commodities. Among them, the limit requirements for some commodity packages are mandatory

it is understood that some commodities in the general principles put forward the limit requirements mainly include six categories of commodities: beverages, wine, cakes (except moon cakes), cosmetics, health food, tea, grain, etc. The limit requirements are reflected in the two aspects of the void ratio and the number of packaging layers of these commodities. Packaging void ratio is the ratio between the volume of unnecessary space and the volume of commodity sales packaging. According to the standard, the packaging void ratio of beverage wine and cakes shall not exceed 55%, that of cosmetics and health food shall not exceed 50%, that of tea shall not exceed 25%, and that of grain shall not exceed 10%

the number of packaging layers refers to the number of packaging layers that completely wrap the product, excluding the initial packaging that directly contacts the product. According to the standard, the number of packaging layers of beverage wine, cakes, cosmetics, health food and tea is 3 or less

the standard specifically stipulates that China exports 5.6729 million tons of non-ferrous metals in the form of general trade, and the total packaging cost of six categories of commodities except the initial packaging should not exceed 15%

material appropriateness: select appropriate packaging materials according to the characteristics and quality of commodities; Commodity packaging should be made of single material or packaging materials that are convenient for material separation; The packaging materials should be those with rich resources and recyclable materials

material reduction: on the premise of meeting the basic functions of commodity packaging, reasonably design and timely evaluate the use of packaging materials to reduce the consumption of packaging materials

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