The hottest spot price of PE in Europe fell in Aug

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London News: European traders said that in August, the spot price of propylene at all levels would fall by Fanny/kg. The spot price of LDPE is about DM 1.50/kg, and LLDPE C4 is about 1 5. Open the test software again to carry out the experiment. 0 Deutsche Mark/kg, while the imported Middle East goods are about 1.40 Deutsche Mark/kg. The contract price is still under negotiation and an agreement is expected to be reached by the end of August. A trader believes that the current market conditions of buyers and other goods, prices will fall in September. However, other traders believe that the price in September will be the same as that in August, and may rise in October. One trader said that if the price still fell in September, 5 The experimental tank market will collapse. Suppliers in northwest Europe plan to raise prices from September 1. At present, both demand and supply are in a gray state, and the level is not clear. Therefore, it is obviously very difficult to predict the price trend of propylene in the future

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