Beijing will build an international printing and p

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Beijing will build an international printing and packaging technology research and development center

Beijing carton factory and the joint venture will make full use of the existing technology, equipment, environment and other resource advantages to plan to build a Beijing international printing and packaging technology research and development center. On the one hand, we should strengthen technological transformation, adjust the product structure, strengthen internal and external paper packaging products, replace wood products with paper, and plan the main business sector of the service mode by combining the industrial extension with the development of new energy vehicle industry. On the other hand, we should fully release the value of the existing stock of land in combination with the resource advantages of the enterprise located in the core area of Daxing, The implementation of this plan will accelerate and enhance the development of enterprises to high-end printing and packaging and scientific and technological research and development, and realize the transformation of urban industries and modern service industries with the integration of industry, learning, research, science, industry and trade

Beijing carton factory and zhongchengxinfa investment management company invested to establish Beijing BEIXIANG Xinfa Packaging Co., Ltd. in 2008, completing a key step in system transformation. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the Beijing Olympic Games, professional technicians were organized to develop products that we can also generate complex architecture paper tables and chairs, paper report card cabinets, paper document racks, paper pallets and paper cleaning boxes on this basis in the future, which made contributions to the realization of the Beijing Green Olympics and won the title of China's packaging star awarded by the World Packaging Organization

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