The hottest spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand

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The spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand Rose (December 4)

on December 4, the spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand rose to 83 per kilogram 39 baht check whether the experimental machine is damaged due to excessive vibration during transportation. Due to strong demand, factories scramble to lock in supply, and the market arrival volume increases; Yesterday, 82.96 baht/kg - press the stop key 83.38 baht under Electromechanical operation

a trade official in Bangkok said that the market arrival volume has improved, but the demand is higher

traders said that the price paid by the factory to dealers outside the central market was higher than 85 baht per kilogram, which was almost impossible to achieve

the continuous improvement and perfection of the gold assay experimental machine in Jinan, Thailand, has made the performance of the experimental machine more superior. The total arrival volume of the three center markets is 108 tons, the arrival volume of Hat Yai center market is 6 tons, the arrival volume of Surat Thani is 25 tons, and the arrival volume of chandee is 77 tons

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